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8 Things You’ll Love About The Edison at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World

If you’re looking for a great new restaurant at Disney World that has it all, look no further than the newly-opened spot at The Landing at Disney Springs called The Edison. If you try only one new restaurant on your next Disney trip, let it be this one! It’s a gothic industrial-type establishment that serves up some of the most amazing American cuisine offered on Disney property! There are probably 100 things to love about The Edison, but for the sake of time, here are eight that you’ll love the most about this exciting new restaurant.

8. The atmosphere

Step into an upscale atmosphere that’s classy but never pretentious. As you enjoy your meal at lunchtime and dinnertime, lively jazz and Big Band music is pumped throughout the restaurant. Up until 10:00 p.m., you can dress casually or classy—it’s your call. After 10:00 p.m., there’s a dress code, but that code only adds to the atmosphere. Ladies come in for lunch dressed in their steampunk best—complete with conversation piece hats and big pearls. Throughout your experience at The Edison, you truly feel pleasantly immersed in another era, and it’s amazing!

7. The entertainment

The Edison is a happenin’ place, and for this reason, the house is full every night of the week. From vacationers and out-of-towners trying a new spot to locals celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and promotions, people of all ages from all over visit The Edison because it is second to none as a dining hotspot. How’s this for entertainment—a live DJ, a heavily populated dance floor, an aerial contortionist, tap dancers, burlesque dancers…the list goes on!

6. The inventions

The Edison is decorated throughout with replicas of inventions credited to none other than Thomas Edison himself! The inside of the establishment resembles a 20s-era electric company. Even the menu is called “a catalog of parts,” rather than a menu!

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5. Candied bacon on a clothesline

The DB Clothesline Candied Bacon is not just a signature appetizer at The Edison; it’s also one of the most popular appetizers on the menu—one that is ordered over and over many times every day—and for good reason! The candied strips of bacon are served—you guessed it—dangling on a clothesline with clothespins. There are four strips of candied bacon—each a different flavor. Which one will be your favorite? Maple, black pepper, sweet and spicy pickle or fruit mustarda?

4. The live DJ and dance floor

In the evening hours, many of the tables are cleared from the lower level of the restaurant to make the underlying dance floor accessible for anyone wishing to cut a rug, jitterbug or sashay. The DJ is amazing and spins lively music that serves as the soundtrack for any dinner out or special occasion! The DJ at The Edison is so good in fact, that if the dance floor is losing its luster at any moment, he will switch up the tracks and get everyone movin’ and groovin’ again!

3. The Edison Burger

Um, yes please! Diets be darned! This fabulous burger is so good (and so enormous) that you will forget you’re watching your calories—and if you do remember, you won’t care! (I don’t eat burgers or red meat, but this one was a no-brainer!) The burger features a patty of sirloin, short rib and brisket blended together, cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles made in-house, crispy onions strips, lettuce, tomato and Edison sauce, which is a “secret” signature sauce you’ll only find at The Edison. Seriously, this has got to be the best burger on Disney property. It’s so good, surely it’s turned some vegetarians into carnivores—even if it’s only while they’re at The Edison!

2. The Gooey Grilled Cheese and Organic Tomato Soup

This combo is out of this world! Kids will love this grilled cheese sandwich, but it’s definitely a grilled cheese for adults too! It’s a mix of cheeses (fontina, Muenster, gruyere and Alpine Swiss) served between two thick slices of sourdough bread. It’s so decadent, you might think about eating it with a fork. And the Organic Tomato Soup is made in-house and takes a full 24 hours to prepare and cook—no canned soups with spices added; this one is the real deal!

1. The Lollipop Tree

Oh, my goodness! Whether you’re a dessert connoisseur or merely a dabbler in desserts, you cannot (repeat—cannot!) leave The Edison without ordering the Lollipop Tree. A wooden tree stand with several holes drilled into it is brought to your table. Cheesecake pops rolled in delectable goodies like graham cracker crumbs and crushed pistachios are placed into the holes, so all you have to do is grab one (or two, or four)! Each cake pop has a crunchy shell with cheesecake treasure hiding inside. Wow! Out of this world and so creative! We love The Edison!

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