Totally Cool Things About Peter Pan’s Flight At Walt Disney World

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Board a brilliantly-colored galleon and set off for your very own journey to Neverland with Peter Pan at this popular Fantasyland attraction at Magic Kingdom. Start with a little pixie dust inside the nursery of Wendy, Michael and John Darling before taking off over London. Then it’s the second star to the right and straight on till morning. You never know what awaits you in Neverland, and here are a few really cool things about Peter Pan’s Flight that will have you excited about your next journey there!


7. It’s an Opening Day attraction.

Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the classic attractions that was in operation on Walt Disney World’s Opening Day on October 1, 1971. It has had some upgrades and refurbishments, but it remains largely as it was back then. It is still very popular.

6. The attraction is at 5 Disney Parks.

Peter Pan’s Flight has been so popular with Guests that it is currently an operating attraction at 5 different Disney Parks—Disneyland California, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Shanghai Disneyland.


5. The queue is quite impressive.

In 2014, when a lot of changes were happening in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, upgrades were also being made to the Peter Pan attraction. Restrooms were removed, and the queue had a major overhaul. It now takes Guests through a corridor of bright and interactive murals. Then Guests enter the Darlings’ home, where they see photos of the family hanging on the walls, Big Ben against the night sky through the windows, Nana’s doghouse outside and even the children’s nursery. Emphasis is placed on the nursery, and an amazing amount of detail was put into it (thank you, Disney Imagineers!). You’ll see the children’s beds, including Wendy’s beautiful canopied bed, a calendar on the wall from 1904 with December 27th circled, blocks on the bed that spell “Peter Pan” and blocks on the floor just like in the first scene of Disney’s 1953 Peter Pan.

4. The ride vehicles are brightly colored and differ from each other.

The ride vehicles are gorgeous galleons of varying colors. There are several different colors used on the galleons, and they differ from each other in the way they are colored. Each one seats two to three people and is equipped with a lap bar that magically pulls down over your lap with just a sprinkle of pixie dust from a Cast Member.

3. It is a suspended dark ride.

Being a dark ride doesn’t make Peter Pan’s Flight unique, but it is somewhat unique in that it is a suspended ride in the dark. Rather than the track being under you, like in attractions such as Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and more, the track in the attraction is overhead. Once you board your galleon (don’t worry—you board on the ground and you’re suspended in the air later!), you “take off” toward Neverland, at which time your ride vehicle is no longer attached to a track underneath you. This feature gives Guests a truer feeling of flying.

2. Guests fly through scenes from the 1953 feature film.

During this 3-minute ride aboard the brightly colored galleons, Guests soar over different scenes from Disney’s Peter Pan. Guests familiar with the film will recognize scenes with the Darling children’s nursery, the London Tower Bridge and Big Ben before they fly on to Neverland. In Neverland, Guests fly high above Mermaid Lagoon, as well as Captain Hook’s 48-foot-long ship, where they see Peter Pan and Captain Hook in a duel. It’s just like being in the film!

1. Audio-animatronics are used throughout the attraction.

Throughout the ride, Guests see Peter Pan, the Darling children, Captain Hook, Smee and others, but they aren’t puppets or props. Instead, they are audio-animatronic robots that move and talk and give a more lifelike appearance to the characters. You’ll think Wendy Darling is actually walking the plank!

Almost 50 years after the first Guest took his maiden voyage aboard one of Peter Pan’s galleons, the attraction is still one of the most popular attractions in all of Magic Kingdom.

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