9 Things You’ll Love about Morimoto Asia at Walt Disney World

Whenever you’re in Disney World and you’ve got a craving for Asian food, Morimoto Asia is the place to go. Opened in collaboration with Iron Chef luminary Masaharu Morimoto, this glitzy Disney Springs restaurant serves up a pan-Asian fusion of cuisines from places like China, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia, which is sure to light up your tastebuds and warm your belly. So what can you expect from your visit to Morimoto Asia? You’re about to find out because we’ve got 9 things you’re going to love about this incredible restaurant.


1. The Ambiance

From the moment you step foot inside Morimoto Asia, you won’t believe how massive and stunning the space is, especially at night. The lavish, modern decor accents dazzle the eyes — be sure to check out those long glittering chandeliers above, along with the black-and-white portraits on the large back wall — the kitchen is encased behind exhibition glass so you can take a peek at the behind-the-scenes action that goes into each dish, and there are several distinct dining spaces to explore. (More on that next.) This is as artful and glamorous as dining architecture gets.

2. Lounges, Bars, and Dining Rooms, Oh My

We aren’t joking when we talk about the number of unique spaces to be enjoyed throughout Morimoto Asia’s two-story interior. Aside from the enormous main dining room that you see as you walk in, you’ll find more tables, couches, and other types of seating than you know what to do with, all spread throughout a number of bars, lounges, and an outdoor patio space, plus a dedicated sushi bar area upstairs.

3. Breadth of Food

It’s safe to say that Morimoto Asia has quite an extensive menu of food options. From dim sum to noodle dishes to poultry to seafood to steak and beyond, there’s something for everyone at this lovely establishment. We’ll cover a few specific dishes next, so you have some ideas of things to try when you go.


4. Morimoto Spare Ribs

Of the many standout dishes here, the Morimoto Spare Ribs are not to be missed. They’re practically the restaurant’s signature dish, and almost everyone who’s tried them will tell you they agree with that assessment. The hoisin sweet chili glaze gives these succulent, fall-off-the-bone ribs a more complex flavor profile than you’d think, and they can be ordered as a 3-rib appetizer or a 6-rib half-rack, depending on your appetite level.

5. Spicy Chashu Pork Ramen

Remember how we said the food here would warm your belly? Well, if you happen to come here on a chilly day — I know, rare for Florida, but still — you’ve got to get the spicy pork ramen. In this bowl of yummy goodness you’ll find roasted pork and egg noodles swimming in a soy-flavored broth with a (just barely runny) soy-marinated egg and lots of scallions on top. It’s a special experience to be sure.

6: Morimoto Peking Duck

As you enter the restaurant and peek into the kitchen area, you will probably notice their eye-catching display of house-roasted Peking Duck, waiting to be carved and served. We highly recommend grabbing yourself an order of these crispy slices of boneless marinated duck, which come with steamed flour Chinese pancakes, hoisin miso, apricot sweet chili, and dim sum.

7. Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

They’ve got plenty of sushi options for you to try at Morimoto Asia — whether or not you’re sitting at the sushi bar itself — but we’d say the one to whet your palate with is the classic spicy tuna roll. Rather than being filled with cheap minced tuna, you get full, high-quality chunks of tuna in this sushi. Very good stuff.

8. Plenty of Cocktail and Sake Selections

Morimoto Asia is about more than just delicious food. Here you can also choose from an extensive menu of specialty cocktails, sake service (available by glass, carafe, or bottle), beers, and wines that can truly make your night a special one.

9. And Let’s Not Forget Dessert

Wrap up your meal with a delicious sweet treat, of which they have a few interesting selections to choose from. For example, the “Chocolate Cream & Crunch” consists of dark chocolate gelato served atop a layer of mandarin orange jelly, with hazelnut chocolate crunchies. On the side you get something they call Oreo Tempura, which should honestly be a dessert choice of its own, it’s so good.

As you can see, Morimoto Asia offers delights for all five senses, and there’s no way you’ll regret splurging on a meal here. Make sure it’s at the top of your list the next time you’re in Disney Springs!

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