Seeing Your Favorite Disney Movies Could Soon Be More Expensive

The movie theatre experience has changed dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic boosted streaming services as people opted to stay home during surges and theatres were forced to stay closed depending on local restrictions.

While pandemic-era restrictions have been removed, the movie theatre experience remains far from normal. Fewer movies than ever before are going to theatres in the first place, and the ones that do go are often quickly made available on streaming platforms like Disney+.


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As you return to theatres (or rather, as more movies that are worth seeing are released in theatres), AMC has shared an update that could impact what you pay to see the latest films from Disney and other studios.

According to theme park reporter Scott Gustin, AMC is introducing a new pricing structure called “Sightline” (yes, “Sightline”) that will price movie tickets based on the seats you choose:

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Under the new structure, the most affordable tickets will be for seats with the least desirable view (the front rows), while most of the theatre will be standard pricing, and preferred seating will come at a higher price point for seats in the middle of the theatre with the best view.

The pricing changes are already rolling out in some AMC markets, and all theatres are expected to make the shift by the end of this year, including the AMC theatre at Disney Springs and perhaps your local movie theatre as well.

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Disney fans on social media so far are not impressed by the new pricing structure, and many are concerned that moves like this could hurt the theatre industry even further, where it still has not made a full recovery from the pandemic.

We will continue to monitor updates to the Disney movie experience, and will be back with additional information as we have it here on Disney Tips.

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