Amidst Confusion, Clues, and Codes, Disney Has Confirmed an Official Opening Date for TRON Lightcycle Run

Last evening, the official Disney Parks accounts across all social media sent out a rather mysterious message full of clues and codes in the form of a video game leaderboard.

Immediately, Disney fans began working with one another in an attempt to piece together these clues into answers. The general consensus was that at the center of these riddles was the opening date for the upcoming TRON Lightcycle Run attraction in Magic Kingdom.

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When it comes to decoding this leaderboard of riddles, some rows are more straightforward than others.

For example, row five reads “MK 10,011,1971.” Although it may look like the high score of someone whose initials are ‘MK,’ the letters and number’s actually mean ‘Magic Kingdom 10/01/1971’ as in Magic Kingdom’s opening date (October 1, 1971). Row six follows suit for Disneyland, reading “DL 07,171,955” and corresponding with Disneyland’s opening date (July 17, 1955).

However, as fans scrambled to piece everything together, the Disney Parks social media accounts sent out another message in just a short amount of time.

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Fans quickly assumed that this message meant that TRON Lightcycle Run would be opening on 4/4 (April 4) of this year. Although, some fans were skeptical of what this meant, considering there was no confirmation.

However, less than an hour after this enigmatic message was sent out across Disney Parks social media accounts, Disney confirmed that April 4 is indeed the attraction’s yesterday’s official opening date!

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In case you needed any more convincing, Scott Gustin breaks down the “clu” that was hidden in plain sight. While Disney fans tried to wonder what rows two, eight, and nine meant, the answer was right there in front of us the whole time!

Disney’s marketing has done it again by creating something interactive, fun, and mind-bending to promote its latest Magic Kingdom attraction.

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