Disney Drops Mysterious Message, Possibly Hinting at This Upcoming Attraction’s Opening Date

Ever since TRON Lightcycle Run was announced at the D23 Expo, fans have been intrigued by the elusive attraction. Not long after the thrill ride was announced in 2017, the Walt Disney World Railroad closed down in order to make way for the construction. Since then, the coaster has become infamous.

Walt Disney World Railroad

Credit: Disney

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By the time the attraction opens in the spring of this year, fans and Guests will have waited for at least five years to see it. From setback to setback, it seemed like TRON Lightcycle Run would never open…until now.

Avid Disney fans have been asking themselves many questions about the TRON Lightcycle Run. Will the attraction open with a standby line, or will it implement a virtual queue-only system? What will the seats look like? Will Guests be able to bring belongings onto the attraction, or will lockers be required?

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But most of all, fans have been wondering when this attraction will finally open. Disney has given fans an answer, but they’re going to have to work for it.

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Last night, the official Disney Parks Twitter account sent out an enigmatic message, and many fans are confused about what it could all mean. Many fans believe these clues are code for when the upcoming TRON Lightcycle Run attraction will open and for whom.

For example, the fifth row reads “MK 10,011,971.” Disney fans may recognize the numbers as the opening date for Magic Kingdom (October 1, 1971). Thus, the fifth row references ‘Magic Kingdom 10/01/1971’ in a coded message. Row six references Disneyland’s opening date as well (July 17, 1955).

What else could this message mean when de-coded?

TRON Lightcycle Run

Credit: Disney

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Throughout the entire thread, fans are working with each other to piece together the clues. Disney Tips doesn’t expect Disney to give fans an answer as everyone works to decipher this intricate code, but honestly, that’s just fine. After all, piecing together the riddle is more fun that way!

Check out the Twitter thread to see what everyone has come up with. Do you think you know the answer?

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