Things You Should Do Before You Leave Walt Disney World

Going home is the least magical part of a Disney vacation, and while it may be hard to follow through with logistics at the end of your trip, it can be important to give you the smoothest journey home.

Leaving Walt Disney World may be a drag, but here are some ways to help end your trip on a high note while getting home with everything you need.

Remember to Tip Housekeeping


Credit: Disney

Ideally, you’ll want to tip housekeeping at your Walt Disney World Resort hotel each day during your stay. The reason for this is that you may have different Cast Members working on your room throughout your trip. If you tip daily, as opposed to only at checkout, then every Cast Member who cleans up your room will receive a tip.

Whenever you tip, don’t forget to leave it out when you do check out of your resort. It can be easy to forget during the hustle and bustle of heading home, but the housekeepers who clean rooms upon checkout have the most work ahead of them and should certainly be getting a tip.

Confirm Transportation and Travel Services

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This tip is especially important now that Disney’s Magical Express is no longer an option to get back to the Orlando International Airport. Unless you are simply driving yourself home in your own car, you will likely have some sort of travel confirmations it wouldn’t hurt to double-check.

Whether you take a look at reservation numbers, make sure your flight hasn’t changed, or check where to return your rental car, giving these logistics a quick glance before you leave Walt Disney World can make your trip home that much easier.

Check and Double-Check That You Have All Your Belongings

Riviera Resort Studio, Credit: V Mills

One of the worst feelings ever is arriving home from vacation only to realize you left something behind. This feeling can be even worse if you are visiting Walt Disney World with young children who are prone to forgetting very important items and only noticing when it’s too late.

As you check out of your resort, take a last look around and make sure you are not leaving anything behind. If you do arrive home with something missing, you can contact the resort and Cast Members will do their best to help you, but it would save lots of stress to avoid this situation if you can.

Shop for Last-Minute Souvenirs

If you were on the fence about making some purchases during your Disney vacation, you best decide which items are worth the splurge before you return home. Without the ability to pop over to one of the Disney theme parks or Resorts, you will have a much harder time tracking down items from the parks.

From home, there is a limited selection of Disney Parks merchandise on, but otherwise, you are looking at eBay and personal shoppers whose business models can be questionable and who will charge you well over the regular price at Disney World.

Start Planning Your Next Trip!


Credit: Disney

The best cure for when the blues hit at the end of a Disney vacation is to start planning your next trip! If you are already prepared to book your next Disney vacation, be sure to check the information left in your hotel room. Disney sometimes has bounceback offers that can give you added savings if you book your next trip while on your current one.

Hopefully these tips help you to make the most of the end of your Disney vacation while saving you some headaches and maybe even planning your next trip!

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