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Best and Worst Rides at EPCOT

You might not think of rides when you are in Walt Disney and you are going to visit EPCOT.  Most Guests like to focus on the festivals that are often happening throughout World Showcase and enjoy the delicious food and drink offerings, but there are a variety of rides to experience as well.  We have our best and worst rides in EPCOT so you can know what you want to and not to ride when visiting this Theme Park.

It might be surprising to you how many rides are available in EPCOT now, both in World Showcase and in what was Future World.  We broke down the rides into a Worst and Best category based on the overall enjoyment and entertainment ability.

Worst Rides

Keep in mind that these rides aren’t terrible, they just aren’t our favorite in EPCOT.  We think that there are other options we would rather experience during our EPCOT day or even in Walt Disney World.

  1.  The Seas with Nemo and Friends

First on our list of worst rides in EPCOT is The Seas with Nemo and Friends. This ride is located in the World Nature section of EPCOT.  There really isn’t anything super exciting about this ride that retells the story of ‘Finding Nemo’.  Guests go under the sea in a Clamobile that takes them on a gentle ride as they try to find Nemo once again.  It is neat to see some of the characters from the movie but there is so much more they could do with this experience.  We would like more from Walt Disney Imagineering when it comes to using the outstanding aquariums.

2.  Journey Into Imagination with Figment

People either love or hate the famous/infamous EPCOT ride Journey Into Imagination with Figment. Although we are somewhere in between, we don’t find this attraction great.  The playful dragon, Figment, takes Guests through the different sensory labs in the Imagination Institute.  Little ones might find it funny and silly, but as adults we typically leave confused and wondering what we just experienced.

3.  Mission: SPACE

We prefer not to blast off or spin like an astronaut which makes Mission: SPACE one of our worst rides in EPCOT.  Even though there are two different ride levels and your thrill ride experience is based on that (green and orange), both sides make us a little off the rest of the day.  As Guests count down to liftoff, they are given the role of either navigator, pilot, commander, or engineer.  After liftoff, they go on an incredible mission through space.  Look out for meteorites as you slingshot around the moon or head to Mars.  Be aware though that there are many motion sickness warnings before entering and they are needed.  Not only does it make many feel off, but the overall ride could also be improved.

4.  Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

Another ride that isn’t our favorite is found in the Mexico Pavilion. It is Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros.  This is a slow moving boat ride where Guests try to help Panchito and Jose Carioca find Donald.  As they look for him, they travel past a few famous sights and cities in Mexico such as Chichen Itza.  As this ride is inspired by the 1944 film ‘The Three Caballeros’, there is a lot that could be updated.  The hand-drawn animation is cool, but it seems out of date for what Disney is capable of.  It is an entertaining ride but not one that we need to experience each trip to EPCOT.

Best Rides

Not all of these rides are super exciting or have the best technology, but they are rides that we like to make sure we experience each time we are in EPCOT.

  1.  Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

The newest ride to join EPCOT is Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.  Found back in the France Pavilion, this new trackless ride is fun for the whole family.  Guests can choose to ride using the virtual queue or the new Individual Lightning Lane offered through Disney Genie.  This 4D ride has Guests joining Chef Remy as they scurry, scoot, and race through the busy kitchen of Gusteau’s.  This ride has so many twists and turns that it will have Guests screaming and laughing at the same time.   The new technology used was great and the storyline was fun as well.  We think that Remy’s is a fantastic addition to World Showcase in EPCOT.

2.  Test Track

We love that we get to design a virtual car before even boarding this thrilling attraction.  It is fun for everyone as they design and create a car of their choice before putting it to the test.  After designing the car, you take it through a variety of obstacles including tight curves and high speeds.  If your family is competitive, they will love watching the scores after each test change.  Even though adults that drive normally might not find this ride as exciting, the joy and excitement it brings to young ones is a lot of fun.

3.  Soarin’

Get ready for a thrill as you rise high up to see the different wonders of the world.  Feel like you are gliding over beautiful locations from around the world such as Greenland, Mount Kilimanjaro, Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China.  The 180 degree, 80 foot IMAX theatre works together with scents and motion to make you feel like you are truly soaring. We love how it ends right back at Walt Disney World and focuses on Spaceship Earth and World Showcase.  We are taken away by the beauty of this ride each and every time we visit.

4.  Spaceship Earth

An iconic ride, Spaceship Earth is definitely one of the best rides in EPCOT.  Although it has been around for a while, we love that it tells the story of how communication progressed over time.  It is also fun to look to our future by using the touch screen to answer questions.  Even though Spaceship Earth doesn’t have any thrill factor to it, we still find the flagship attraction to be one of the best in Walt Disney World because of the history it has with it.

Living With The Land (Credit: Disney)

5.  Living With the Land

Again this is not a thrill ride, but one that we feel is at the top of EPCOT’s rides.  Living with the Land in the new World Nature area gives Guests a first hand look at the work being done by Walt Disney World’s horticulturist and how new techniques are being used.  It is interesting to see some of the crops that are being grown right inside EPCOT.

Credit: Disney

6.  Frozen Ever After

Finally, head over to Arendelle for a trip to see our favorite sister duo and their friends.  We love how this ride brings to life some of the most beloved Disney characters.  From seeing Queen Elsa’s beautiful Ice Palace to hanging out with Olaf it is a great experience overall and one that shouldn’t be missed when visiting EPCOT.

These are our best and worst rides in EPCOT.  We hope that they help you determine what rides might be on your best and worst list before heading on your Walt Disney World vacation.

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