Bob Chapek Reportedly Did This In An Attempt to Financially Boost Disney+

Recently, during Disney’s Q4 Earnings Report for the end of the 2022 fiscal year, the general public learned where Disney gained revenue and where it lost income.

For example, did you know that Hurricane Ian cost the Walt Disney Company $65 million? It’s true!

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For another example, Disney+ cost the Walt Disney Company $4 billion during the fiscal year. With numbers like that, it makes sense for Disney leaders to try anything to save money, including a price hike and the introduction of advertisements for non-premium users. But those aren’t the only tactics Disney leaders have used.

Disney+ at Home

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Allegedly, Bob Chapek had Disney+ originals debut on the Disney Channel instead of the streaming service in an attempt to make it look more profitable than it really was.

According to a report made by The Wall Street Journal, series such as The Mysterious Benedict Society (2021) and Doogie Kameāloha, M.D. (2021) were credited as Disney+ originals. Still, they were shown on the Disney Channel before being placed on Disney+.


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This was done very deliberately, as it took the costs from Disney+ and placed them elsewhere, which makes the streaming service look more successful than it is. That being said, this practice is primarily a gamble and even made The Walt Disney Company’s chief financial officer, Christine M. McCarthy, “concerned.”


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Unfortunately, the attempt to pinch pennies with this method didn’t work out as well as expected, and Disney+ isn’t projected to be profitable until 2024’s fiscal year.

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