Bring the ‘Hey Disney!’ Voice Assistant Home

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Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World Resort unveiled “Hey Disney!” (AKA the Disney Magical Companion) at their hotels in 2021, utilizing Amazon’s Alexa technology to provide Guests with Park information.


Credit: Disney

The Original Service

Disney Guests staying on property could prompt the device with questions such as “What time does the Magic Kingdom open?”, “Where can I get Italian food?” or “When does the next bus to Animal Kingdom leave?”

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Hotel Room

Credit: Disney

The unit would then respond with the correct answers to the queries, just as Alexa does on an Amazon Echo speaker. The device also enabled Guests to ask for more towels or make other room service requests.

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The unit also incorporated multiple character voices across Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars, including Mickey Mouse, Mater, and Chewbacca.

Now Available from Amazon

Once only available in resorts, the service is now available on certain Amazon devices. Guests can buy an Amazon Echo device to utilize the “Hey Disney!” skill or purchase the service if they already own a machine for a $5.99/year subscription.

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The service will allow users to play games like Disney trivia or experience storybooks and character messages. Users can also play soundscapes or utilize them for everyday assistance with the weather, timers, alarms, and more.

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When prompted with “Hey Disney! Tell me a story,” you can hear one of 140 tales, including retellings of The Lion King (1994), Frozen (2013), and Moana (2016).

Lion King Mufasa

Credit: Disney

If you ask, “Hey Disney! Let’s play trivia,” you will be presented with over 300 questions testing your knowledge of characters, movies, theme parks, history, and everything else about the House of Mouse.

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Designed to be fun for the entire family, “Hey Disney!” is a kid-friendly experience and is included with an Amazon Kids+ subscription.

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