TRIVIA: How Well Do You Know Spaceship Earth?

Spaceship Earth
Credit: Disney

Spaceship Earth debuted in Walt Disney World when EPCOT opened in October 1982. Its iconic geodesic shape has remained a symbol of the Park, housing a classic Disney dark ride populated by audio-animatronics and serving as the thesis for the theme Park.

But how well do you know the over-40-year-old attraction? In honor of the significant changes coming to EPCOT, we present ten questions about the popular omnimover ride.

1. How tall is the attraction?


Credit: Disney

Answer: Spaceship Earth sits 180 feet high with a 165-foot diameter.

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2. What famous actress provides the voice for the narration?


Credit: Disney Tips

Answer: Dame Judi Dench is the ride’s current narrator.

3. What is the first audio-animatronic scene on the ride?

Epcot Spaceship Earth

Credit: DisneyTips

Answer: A scene of early human beings communicating with cave paintings.

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4. AT&T, Siemens, or Samsung…which was never a ride sponsor?

epcot forever fireworks

Credit: Disney

Answer: Samsung has never had any affiliation with Spaceship Earth.

5. How many languages can you choose from at the beginning of the ride?

Spaceship Earth Scene

Credit: Disney

Answer: You can pick one of six languages.

6. What year was the Mickey Mouse wand ADDED to the top of the sphere?


Credit: Disney Tips

Answer: 1999 in celebration of the year 2000.

7. What year was the Mickey Mouse wand REMOVED from the top of the sphere?

Mickey on EPCOT Ball Waving

Credit: Disney

Answer: 2007.

8. Spaceship Earth was the first attraction to use the “smellitzer” scent distribution system. What scene was it used on?

MagicBand+ Spaceship Earth

Credit: Disney

Answer: The fall of Rome. The system was used to create the scent of smoke.

9. How many narrators have the ride had since its debut?


Credit: Disney

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Answer: Four. In addition to the current version with Dame Judi Dench, there was Vic Perrin (original), Walter Cronkite, and Jeremy Irons.

10. There used to be an audio-animatronic scene of actors performing Oedipus Rex in Ancient Greek. What was it replaced with?


Credit: Disney

Answer: A scene in which a single audio-animatronic teaches mathematics to three sitting students.

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How’d you do?

0 – 3  Correct – There’s no shame in a score this bad. It means you have a life outside your Disney fandom…and that’s a good thing!

4 – 7 Correct – Not bad. You may need to plan a trip to EPCOT for a little refresh. Or at least watch some Youtube videos to learn more about the attraction.

8 – 10 Correct – Impressive. You must love EPCOT and Spaceship Earth. You have my sympathy over how much the Park has changed since 1982.

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