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New Show Coming to Disney’s EPCOT!

EPCOT Spaceship Earth Wish Show

One of the most iconic parts of Walt Disney World Resort is the geodesic sphere that sits at the entrance to EPCOT — which many guests compare to a giant golf ball. The sphere is home to Spaceship Earth, a slow-moving attraction that takes guests through the history of language and communication, starting with the cavemen. The attraction is narrated ...

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Everything You Need to Know…Before Taking a Baby to EPCOT

EPCOT's Spaceship Earth

Are you planning a Walt Disney World Resort trip with your little one? Fantastic! But it’s important to know what to expect and to be prepared for your visit to any Disney Park. EPCOT often gets the reputation of being an “adult” park, but there are many attractions, rides, and shows for kids of all ages to enjoy (even babies!). ...

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Disney’s Canceled Theme Park: WestCOT

Rendering of what WestCOT could be

It’s always exciting to imagine what a new Disney theme Park would be like. And it’s also just as fun to look back and examine the many Disney theme Parks that were planned but never built. Introducing WestCOT… High fidelity images of WestCOT concept art from the @DisneyD23 panel on DCA: — Frederick Chambers (@HelmsmanFreddy) March 11, 2021 ...

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TRIVIA: How Well Do You Know Spaceship Earth?

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth debuted in Walt Disney World when EPCOT opened in October 1982. Its iconic geodesic shape has remained a symbol of the Park, housing a classic Disney dark ride populated by audio-animatronics and serving as the thesis for the theme Park. But how well do you know the over-40-year-old attraction? In honor of the significant changes coming to EPCOT, ...

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The Muppets Visit Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

Floyd Muppet Mayhem Spaceship Earth

In an effort by Disney to promote one of its new shows, “The Muppets Mayhem,” on Disney+, popular Muppet characters are visiting Walt Disney World. Animal recently visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Wednesday, May 17, 2023, Floyd Pepper (member of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem) rode Spaceship Earth. RELATED: ‘The Muppets’ Just Made an Appearance at This Classic EPCOT Attraction ...

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Rides You Can Skip at Disney’s EPCOT

Guardians of the Galaxy and Spaceship Earth

EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort may have the distinction of boasting over having some of the newest theme park attractions (after Magic Kingdom’s Tron Lightcycle Run). The Disney Park has undergone several changes in the past few years, including adding Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and an upcoming Moana-inspired Journey of Water walkthrough experience. But ...

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Changes Coming to EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth

Exterior of Spaceship Earth

As part of Disney’s 100th anniversary, Walt Disney World is busting out a series of special events. Among these, many changes include a unique lighting display on Spaceship Earth. The iconic geodesic dome structure is visible from nearly all of Walt Disney World’s EPCOT. Through the years and many celebrations, it has undergone past enhancements (some controversial). These changes included ...

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It’s Planting Day at EPCOT

It’s always exciting to get a behind-the-scenes look at different things at Walt Disney World. Disney does many very high-tech things, but sometimes seeing some more simple additions is pretty cool. Zach Riddley shared on his Instagram some of the new Landscaping in World Discovery as it is being installed. If you have never checked out his Instagram, make sure to do so. He is a ...

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