Rent Walt Disney’s Former Home

The front of Walt’s Storybook Mansion
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Walt Disney created so much in his lifetime, did you ever wonder where some of your favorite films were created? Walt’s fairytale-like home, in Los Angeles, is up for rent according to the Wall Street Journal. His former home is noew being rented for precisely $40,000 a month, looking over downtown Los Angeles.

Walt Disney with Matterhorn Model

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Storybook Mansion for Sale

Walt was a mastermind for many reasons, and this home is no different than anything he created for the Walt Disney Company. He built this home in 1932 and lived there with his family for approximately twenty years before moving. This home was purchased after his major success with Mickey Mouse and some of his most iconic short films ‘Silly Symphony’. Walt purchased and built this home to his liking in under three months, which is quite fast for any construction site. But, during this time the Great Depression was at its height, allowing Walt to have the freedom to create.

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Some classics that were created in this home are “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937), “Cinderella” (1950), and “Pinocchio” (1940). As a Cinderella lover, can you imagine stepping foot in this home and seeing where the true magic began? With the hefty price tag of $40,000 the (now) owner, Timur Bekmambetov said “because he wants people to be able to experience staying there”.

What’s Inside the Storybook Mansion

This home known as the “Storybook Mansion” has previously been open for tours once a month. Now you can live that experience for a whole month, with a small price tag along with it. The mansion still maintains some of its original features thanks to Bekmambetov who says he “used original photos to reinstate some of its origins.” Some features that have been untouched are the lead-lined stained-glass windows and spiral staircase.

Inside of Walt Disney's LA Home

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The storybook mansion is a little over 6,000 square feet, with a green backyard featuring a pool and a small cottage Walt’s daughters played in. It is said that he gifted this to them after the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Similarly, the creation and execution of Disneyland all happened while Walt resided here.

As one can imagine, the home feels like a Disney Park does when you first enter. It feels like magic. Walt converted a bedroom into a viewing room for films, which owner Bekmambetov said he has watched films in. The director has felt inspiration himself, assisting him in writing films he hopes gains traction. In the meantime, he is renting out the residence in hopes to share the magic Walt once felt and created in that very home.

Walt's Screening Room

Credit: SFGate/Friends of Woking Way

How much would you spend to stay in Walt Disney’s home?

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