You Can Visit Every Los Angeles House Walt Disney Lived In

If you’re planning a trip to Southern California any time soon, here’s how you can visit each Los Angeles home belonging to Walt Disney history! From brief apartment stays to a million-dollar mansion, Disney fans can track the humble cartoonist’s rise to the top through the first half of the last century.

Disney family

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Uncle Robert’s House

Now registered as a historic landmark, Walt first boarded at the one-story bungalow at the age of 21 upon arriving in Los Angeles in 1923. Owned by his Uncle Robert and Aunt Charlotte, Walt rented his Uncle’s garage space to set up a makeshift studio for $1 a month.

Note: The garage has since been moved to become part of the Stanley Ranch Museum after fans collectively pushed for the property to be preserved in 1984.

Walt and Roy’s apartment

After moving out from his uncle’s house, Walt and his brother, Roy, bounced from the Olive Hill apartments to a second-story room at Charles and Nettie Schneider’s boarding house. In order to fund the Alice Comedies through Disney Bros. Cartoon Studio, the brothers would share the room and eat every meal at a cafeteria from late 1923 to July 1925.

Walt and Lillian’s Apartments

After marrying Lillian Bounds, an ink and paint girl at his Studios, the Disney couple moved into their first Los Angeles apartment from 1925 to 1926. Then, their second rented apartment, a location at 1307 N. Commonwealth Ave, became home until 1927, although it has since turned into Sunset Nursery.

Walt Disney’s First House

Following the success of Walt’s creations, after four years he could purchase his first home on Lyric Avenue, with a matching one built next door for Roy and his childhood sweetheart.

Take a tour of Walt Disney's newly-restored 1932 "Storybook Mansion" in Los Angeles - Disney Dining

Credit: Disney Dining

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Woking Way House

Next, the Disneys moved to this five-acre, idyllic storybook-style home in 1932, staying until 1950. Featuring a screening room, home gym, and even a miniature Snow White’s cottage in the yard, current owner Timur Bekmambetov sometimes allows private viewings of the house through Los Feliz tour organizations for limited periods of time.

Carolwood Estate

Lillian Disney began the Holmby Hills purchase in 1949, where she and Walt would later build their dream home complete with space for a barn workshop and a one-eighth-scale steam railroad known as the Carolwood Pacific. However, though the subterranean tunnel entrance remains, the location’s second owner demolished the Disneys’ original home in favor of a multi-million dollar mansion that went up for sale nine years ago.

Note: Guests can still view the train’s control room barn and track at Griffith Park’s Live Steamer Museum, while the train itself resides at the Bay Area’s Walt Disney Family Museum.

Technicolor Dream House

Technically, Walt and Lillian Disney purchased two homes in the Palm Springs area, in 1948, the Smoke Treet Ranch property he later sold to furnish the Disneyland Railroad, and in 1962, a custom 4-bedroom, 2,433 square-foot house, made accessible as a vacation property for the family and other high-ranking Disneyland executives.

Since its acquisition by a new owner who added brightly colored, modern accents, as well as Disney touches, it’s been turned into a short-stay vacation property, making it the perfect place to end your fantastic road trip!

Walt Disneys Main Street Story Tour Apartment

Credit: Disneyland

BONUS: Walt’s Main Street Apartment at Disneyland Park

For the first time ever, with an additional admission fee, Disneyland Resort Guests can tour Walt’s famous Park apartment while learning about the theme Park’s history.

You can also stop at the original Disney studio or Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall while in LA. Which location will you visit first?

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