Disney’s Hollywood Studios

11 Things You Might Not Know About Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Disney’s Hollywood Studios may be under construction, but there are still plenty of awesome attractions, shows and experiences for guests to enjoy! Guests can experience everything from stepping into the Star Wars universe or the Twilight Zone to seeing some of their favorite animated films come to life live on stage. With so much to do and see, some details ...

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Touring Plan For Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios


Walt Disney World is home to four unique theme parks, but there is only one which allows guests the opportunity to enter Hollywood and take on new experiences! Different attractions and experiences in the park offer glimpses behind the scenes of major stunts Indiana Jones style, the chance to enter into fictional universes like Star Wars and The Twilight Zone, ...

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10 Stunning Facts About Fantasmic! At Walt Disney World


No day in Hollywood Studios is complete without a viewing of the nighttime spectacular Fantasmic! which features an epic battle in Mickey’s imagination between good and evil. Featuring favorite Disney characters, animation, dancing water, classic Disney music, special effects, and pyrotechnics, this is one performance that definitely can’t be missed. Here are ten stunning facts about Fantasmic! that guests might ...

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8 Awesome Facts About Disney’s Hollywood Studios

From the chance to enter into fictional universes like Star Wars and The Twilight Zone to the chance to see how Indiana Jones pulls off major action stunts – guests feel like stars, Hollywood Studios is an exciting theme park to visit! One of the things that makes Disney’s Hollywood Studios so amazing is its attention to detail in all areas ...

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7 Attractions We Hope Never Close At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Amidst the newer attractions at Hollywood Studios, the park still offers a good dose of oldies but goodies! Some of these attractions include thrilling adventures with Indiana Jones, silly times with the Muppets, and even an eerie trip to the Twilight Zone. While guests never hope that any attraction closes, these are the seven in Disney’s Hollywood Studios that we ...

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