Disney Tips shares guides and travel updates related to planning your trip to the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

How to Get Discounted Disney World Tickets

Disney Ticket Scam

You are not alone if you hope to purchase your Disney World ticket at a discount. In fact, “how to get discounted Disney World tickets” was a widespread search for Guests hoping to Park hop at Walt Disney World Resort in 2023. Rightly so, while Disney World Resort Hotel costs, Disney dining, vacation souvenirs, and travel to central Florida are ...

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Did You Know You Can Decorate Your Very Own Cake at This Disney Springs Location?

Mickey Dome Cake Feature Image

The bustling scene at Disney Springs offers many excellent extracurricular endeavors that can be paired with an already seemingly perfect Disney vacation or enjoyed individually. Just consider the many interactive store experiences, like those offered in-house at the LEGO Store. The Coca-Cola Store is another well-loved haunt, and don’t even get me started on the fun times to be had ...

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Just How Big IS Walt Disney World?

How Big Is Disney Feature Image

The use of the word “world” in Walt Disney World Resort did not come about accidentally, nor can it be counted as some sort of elaborate embellishment. In fact, Disney World is so massively huge compared to all the other Disney Park and Resort locations worldwide that it truly is a world unto itself for all intents and purposes. But ...

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The Cost of Disney Genie+ Has More Than Doubled in Less Than Two Years

Disney Genie+ has been controversial since its launch in October 2021, and the mixed opinions from fans surrounding the system have only worsened as the company continues to make changes. Launched as the paid alternative to FastPass+, Disney Genie+ allows Guests to select times to enter certain Walt Disney World attractions through Lightning Lane entrances with little to no wait ...

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Here’s How to Get FREE Theme Park Tickets

ticket booth tickets theme park

It seems like every day we’re talking about price increases at some of our favorite theme park destinations. Ticket costs are continually on the rise – particularly at the Walt Disney World Resort – with day tickets and Annual Passes increasing in price alongside extras like Lightning Lane, Disney Genie+, dining, and merchandise. An Orlando vacation can be very pricey ...

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Your Guide to Disney World Kingdoms

You likely have many questions if you are a complete Walt Disney World Resort newbie. Namely – where to start? If you are wondering how many Disney World Parks are, where they are located, and how to choose the right theme Park for you, we have your back. Here is your guide to Disney World Kingdoms. Walt Disney World Resort ...

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