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Michael is a goofball with an entertainment background and a passion for writing. He has a long history of being a Disney fan and is still a lost boy at heart. In his free time, he enjoys running, playing video games, and traveling the world. He is also unnaturally obsessed with pugs and spends a lot of time with his dog Mr. Pippers the Pug.

Illnesses Cast Shadow on Trips to Walt Disney World, Visitors Complain

Woman Blowing Nose Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World in Florida, often hailed as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” has long been one of the most crowded vacation destinations. Because of its appeal, many people find themselves interacting with all sorts of visitors with different backgrounds, opinions, and…illnesses.Recent incidents suggest that not all guests are committed to maintaining the atmosphere of courtesy and consideration that ...

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Fans Debate Effects of Relaxed Disney Look Guidelines

Disney Cast Members

In April 2021, The Walt Disney Company made headlines by announcing a significant change in its long-standing “Disney Look” policy. This standard has been intensely famous for setting professional guidelines for its cast members’ appearance. The move aimed to embrace inclusivity, diversity, and personal expression among its workforce. However, this bold shift has triggered a spectrum of responses among fans ...

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A Massive New Theme Park Is Being Built by Former Disney Imagineers

American Disney Theme Park

Oklahoma could soon compete with Walt Disney World as an alternative theme park vacation destination in America. The state announced the construction of a massive new resort called American Heartland, which is set to open sometime in 2026. The project looks promising, as over 20 former Disney Park builders and Imagineers are helping make it a reality. Let’s discuss everything ...

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Disney Karen Issues Ridiculous Advice, Gets Dragged Instead

Disney Cruise Experience

A Disney Cruise vacation is rarely ever met with disappointment. Most guests will instantly tell you how amazing the experience is and signal an intent to sail again soon. However, one disgruntled “Karen” was made keenly aware that Disney cannot control the weather. Disney Cruise Experience Goes Wrong Recently, a Reddit user took to the platform to vent frustrations about ...

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Disney Sued by Fired Cast Member After Reportedly Denying Simple Disability Accommodation

Disney discrimination

Working for Walt Disney World in Florida is often seen as a dream for many who love the Orlando theme park. However, the veil sometimes deteriorates when the dream is fulfilled. Reality is often a different experience than anticipated, and a former cast member is now keenly aware of this fact. Lawsuit Filed Against Disney for Discrimination According to Click ...

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Is Disney Wasting Money Creating Exclusive Private Communities in Different States?

Story Living by Disney

The Walt Disney Company has recently ventured beyond its traditional entertainment avenues, extending its magic into real estate by creating exclusive residential communities under the Storyliving by Disney brand. The move has sparked debates on platforms like Reddit, where some users question whether Disney “is wasting money” on these ventures. However, a closer look reveals a strategic approach that parallels ...

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Guest Issues Warning About Deceptive Disney Parking Employees

Disneyland Park

Disneyland Resort in California is usually an unforgettable experience filled with nostalgia and happy memories. However, one guest recently warned other visitors to watch out for deceptive Disneyland parking staff at the vacation destination. Disney Parking Lot Woes In a Reddit post on the Disneyland subreddit titled “Be aware of the parking staff,” a user shared a concerning experience during ...

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Major New Addition Changes Disney+ Forever

Bob Iger Disney+

Those logging into their Disney+ streaming application may have recently noticed a peculiar new addition to the platform. After Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned Hulu being merged into Disney+, the expected transition has finally occurred. Hulu on Disney+ It is important to note that Hulu and Disney+ are still separate services offered as standalone entities. However, Disney’s complete acquisition of ...

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Disney Implements Strict New Rules Effective Immediately

Bob Iger and Disneyland Castle

The Walt Disney Company is currently facing some behind-the-scenes drama. The entertainment giant has recently made some bold decisions to gain the upper hand with its board laws. Disney Board Rules Disney has notably navigated issues involving an activist investor named Nelson Peltz this year. He’s pushing to have a say in Disney’s decision-making by trying to get seats on ...

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Disney Fears “Woke” Label, Reportedly Cuts LGBTQ+ Storyline from Latest Blockbuster

Captain Marvel and LGBTQ+ flag

The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Studios have reportedly stepped back and shoved a same-sex storyline from their latest blockbuster into the closet. Disney has been wrestling with anti-LGBTQ+ groups and conservatives over its alleged “woke” ideologies for several years at this point. The new controversy surrounding Disney and Marvel Studios has come from a reported decision to omit an ...

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