Character Cavalcades Have Been Replaced at EPCOT

For those who looked forward to all the character cavalcades that would ride by, you’ll probably be disappointed by this news. EPCOT has ended the character cavalcades and has been replaced by distance character meet and greets. Anyone who has been to EPCOT recently knows what it’s like to get stuck behind one of the cavalcades going by, so this will allow for a better flow of traffic in World Showcase. 

The Princesses are now socially distanced around different areas of World Showcase. This is a way to have a little bit more interaction with some of your favorite Disney characters while still keeping a distance from others.


If you are looking for Aurora and Bell, they are meeting near the France Pavilion for the time being. Princess Jasmine will be on the stage at the Morocco Pavilion. Mary Poppins can be found in the Gardens at United Kingdom. Alice can be found at the United Kingdom and Anna & Elsa at the Norway Pavilion. Of course if you want to see the one who started it all, Mickey and his friends can be found near Spaceship Earth. They will still be socially distanced from Guests, but you can take pictures from afar.

EPCOT started doing cavalcades when the Park reopened in 2020 after being closed from the COVID-19 pandemic. It was an excellent way to get to see some of your favorite characters all in one spot.EPCOT had been doing cavalcades for the Princesses, Mickey and Frozen but earlier in the year closed the Mickey and Frozen cavalcades. Although they have discontinued it at EPCOT you can still find cavalcades at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There have been no announcement so far about discontinuing them at the other three Parks as of now.

Credit: Disney

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