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OpEd: Dear Disney Resellers, Please STOP

It’s no secret that Disney reselling has become a massive enterprise among Disney fans. The controversial “business” is not limited to Disney’s Parks and Resorts. Disney-themed merchandise is being swiped off shelves in large batches in neighborhood stores and online.

Why does Disney allow this? Are there simply too many people for them to keep accountable? Are they okay with reselling as long as they profit from their original sales? Disney does set limits, but most would say they are not enough.

Some resellers justify their actions, explaining they are helping Disney fans who can’t visit the Parks often. They rationalize the process of buying in bulk, insisting they are selling items to Guests who can’t find them on their own.

No matter what justifications they make, reselling is a controversial practice and one that may need to be examined from a moral standpoint. If people stopped buying so many of the same items right when they came out, the products would be available to other fans.

Resellers seem to be the root of the problem, not the solution. So, in complete sincerity, those who feel disrespected by the whole process of Disney reselling politely ask you – please stop!


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Is it courteous to gather in large groups, pushing people around to grab multiple items you can resell at double the price? Is it polite to swipe several Halloween or Christmas Disney items off the shelves of stores like Home Goods or Marshalls, making it impossible for others to access them?

Is it right to sell something you have not created or acquired fairly for a ridiculous fee online? How is this servicing others? The truth is, Disney reselling only services one person, and that’s the seller themself.


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There is much more to be said about this topic than can be fit into a limited news article. Though this oped may not make a dent in the thought processes of eager Disney merchandise resellers, at least we’ve got a conversation going. What do you think? Let your opinion be known!

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