DeSantis Claims He’s ”Moved On” From Disney Lawsuit

DeSantis vs. Disney
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Governor Ron DeSantis sat down with CNBC for an interview and had plenty to say about The Walt Disney Company. The feud between DeSantis and Disney has continued as the Governor begins his campaign to run for president. His new interview claims he’s “moved on” from Disney and urges Disney CEO Bob Iger to “drop the lawsuit.”

In a turn of events, the battle between DeSantis and Disney, may feel like an easy way out for the company just to drop the lawsuit. Now suing the entire state of Florida, The Walt Disney Company is clearly not going down without a fight. During the interview with CNBC, DeSantis has plenty of business suggestions for CEO Bob Iger. When asked if he could pick up the phone and call Iger, he asked what he would say to the leader. “So what I would say is, ‘Drop the lawsuit. You have the state that even CNBC ranks as number one of all 50 states for the economy,” DeSantis replied.

Ron DeSantis in front of microphone

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DeSantis went on to boast that he made Disney more money during the covid-19 pandemic. In the CNBC interview, DeSantis said,

“No one has made Disney more money recently than me because during Covid, they were open in Florida. They were locked shut in California. We said, ‘We want you guys to operate because we understood how important it was that their cast members in Central Florida had the ability to make ends meet. In fact, when Disney closed their parks, I didn’t tell them to close. They did it voluntarily.”

Lawsuit Between DeSantis and Disney

“Disney is suing Gov DeSantis and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District in Federal Court, claiming that DeSantis “orchestrated retaliation” against Disney for exercising their First Amendment rights,” as Disney Fanatic explains. DeSantis had Disney pealed of its Reedy Creek Improvement District to eliminate special privileges.

As the lawsuit continues, DeSantis claims to have “moved on,” which comes at a unique time for both his presidential campaign and Disney. Speculation can be made about why he has decided to move forward in the battle with Disney. “Even though DeSantis has highlighted his battle with Disney and other cultural issues in his campaign, his poll numbers have sagged as front-runner Donald Trump has maintained a large lead nationally and in key early primary states,” to add to the point.

It’s unclear if anything specific in the lawsuit is the reason DeSantis is ready to “move on” or if he just has bigger battles to fight during his presidential candidacy.

Iger and Desantis

As news develops, we will report further updates on the lawsuit. As of now, Disney has not made any comments on the interview. It will be interesting to see what direction this lawsuit goes in moving forward.

Is Disney ready to “move on,” too?

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