Disney Character Alerts Cast Members as Brawl Breaks Out

Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Cast Members aren’t the only heroes in the Park, apparently.

Disney Parks are known for their attractions, immersive experiences, and unique themes. The theme Parks brings Disney films and characters to life at various Parks worldwide. Walt Disney first introduced the concept and opened Disneyland in 1955. Since then, Parks have opened in Florida, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong.

Though each Park is a Disney Park, they are all unique in their own ways. Of course, being set in various countries means there will be changes to food, attractions, entertainment, and even costumes. But that is the beauty of the different Parks. Some iconic attractions that began in Disneyland exist in other Parks, but they put their own twist to fit that Parks culture. For example, Haunted Mansion is one the most classic rides found at Disney Parks, and there are different versions of the attraction at Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney, and Hong Kong Disney.

Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris opened in 1992, after Walt Disney World, being the third Disney Park to exist. It offers two Parks and seven Resort Hotels, with a French twist to the Disney experience. Guests can expect to indulge in the magic of Disney all while trying new versions of attractions, dining, and entertainment.

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Any Disney Park is a fun experience, and for Guests living in France, Disneyland Paris has become their home Park. Though just as magical as Disneyland in California, unfortunately, issues with Guests arise there too. We’ve recently seen issues between Guests getting into verbal and physical altercations. Additionally, some Guests have been escorted out of the Parks and even given a life ban for their behavior.

Disney does not take bad behavior lightly, no matter the Park you are visiting. In fact, Disney has rules for all Parks, Resorts, and nearly anything that is on their property that Guests must follow. Although that is the case, according to a recent TikTok, it seems Guests did not find it necessary to abide by the rules.

Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disneyland Paris

Brawl at Disneyland Paris

Due to a social media post, a fight that happened at Disneyland Paris has circulated on the internet. During Disneyland Paris’ Halloween event, which is now through November 5, a fight broke out during the Mickey’s Halloween Celebration Parade.

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The viral TikTok not only shows the brawl that breaks out but a helpful character that steps in to alert Cast Members of the fight subtly. See Clarabell Cow notify Cast Members with a few hand motions to step in as a Guest is seemingly being hit on the ground.


Send us your Disney news! Context: The people who started it, turned up late and tried to push the poor family out of the way that was sitting on the ground. #disney #disneyland #paris #magicmomentnews

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As Disney Dining points out, “It is these subtle cues that make Disney such a professional atmosphere for Guests.” Clarabelle doesn’t break character or try to step in, yet seemingly knows how to respond to the Guest’s issue in a matter of seconds. As the comments flooded the TikTok post, many Guests of Disneyland Paris were not surprised by the Guest’s behavior, which is sad. It’s unfortunate that such behavior has just become a norm for some Disney Parks.

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One Disney fan commented, “People like this grind my gears! If you wanna see the parades or nighttime shows and get a good view, get your space and wait for at least an hour before.” Other comments show that gaining a good spot for a parade takes some effort and planning on the Guest’s part, which some do not find necessary until there is no space left up front. Regardless, Disney’s rules are clear on altercations, and while the video ends as Cast Members approach the fight, it’s likely it was handled and potentially resulted in kicking the Guests out.

Have you ever experienced a fight at a Disney Park?

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