Now You Can See The Inside of Walt Disney’s Head

Painting of Walt Disney's face
Credit: Disney / Twitter

Walt Disney passed away nearly 57 years ago. But before his passing, he introduced the world a whole new way of thinking. He changed cinema, Hollywood, animation, creativity, engineering, and the tourism industry. Not bad for someone who was only on this Earth for 65 years.

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Walt Disney

Credit: D23

Disneyland Resort

But this week marks another famous date in Walt Disney Company history – the anniversary of Disneyland Resort in California. The world famous theme park is celebrating its 68th anniversary, and in honor of the occasion, the company has shared a unique artistic experience online. It’s a masterful video of art depicting opening day of the Disneyland Park on July 17, 1955. The “zoom” video takes the viewer into the head of Walt Disney (through his painted eye), and continues a scene of paintings highlighting Disneyland’s first day of operation.

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Exterior of Sleeping Beauty Castle

Credit: Disney

Zoom Paintings

The video starts with fingers pinching and zooming into the left of a colorful painting of present day Disneyland. The image is a statue of Walt Disney himself in front of the castle. As we zoom further in, we see that inside his pupil contains another painting of the Disneyland Railroad in 1955.

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The green and red Disneyland Railroad looks like it’s being conducted by Walt Disney himself along with Mickey Mouse. Two American flags fly on the engine, and as park Guests gather to watch and wave.

Disneyland Train on one side, main street on the other, both paintings

Credit: Disney / Twitter

We pinch into the spotlight on the train, and suddenly, we’re entering Main Street U.S.A. in the middle of a parade. Snow White and the seven dwarfs perform on a parade float and a cloud shaped like Mickey Mouse hangs overhead.

As we continue to zoom into the painting, we see that inside Snow White’s crown is an image of a steamboat full of Disneyland Park Guests rolling down the river.

Images of Mark Twain River Boat on one side and Moonliner Rocket on the other

Credit: Disney / Twitter

We continue to zoom into one of the ship’s banners to see a vintage depiction of Disneyland’s Moonliner. As we dive deeper into Walt Disney’s mind, we end up in Tommorrowland’s Autopia. Diving into one of the car’s headlights, we find ourselves back in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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Through the Castle’s gate we discover the Mad Tea Party attraction, then zoom into a cup and find the Jungle Cruise. As we continue to zoom into the endless painting, we find Walt Disney in front of the Castle with a microphone in his hand. Then we zoom into the microphone and find ourselves in the present-day Disneyland Resort – the first image we began with.

Painting of Walt Disney on left, Painting of Disneyland on right

Credit: Disney / Twitter

Watch the whole “zoom” video below and see it for yourself. The still images don’t do it justice!

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