New LEGO Set to Pay Homage to Walt Disney

Walt Disney
Credit: D23

Disney is celebrating 100 years as the Walt Disney Company. In conjunction with the celebration, LEGO has set out to ring in the anniversary. Disney and LEGO have paired to create unique LEGO sets, including iconic Disney characters.

Recently, LEGO released one of their newest sets inspired by the classic Halloween film, ‘Hocus Pocus’ (1993). LEGO has planned to release a set even closer to the Disney home. A set dedicated to the man who created it all, Walt Disney.

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Although Walt Disney may owe it all to Mickey Mouse, he began the Walt Disney Company with his brother Roy on October 16. 1923. Then known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, it has transformed over the last 100 years. Walt Disney was an innovative mind with an endless imagination that created the Disney we all know and love. So it’s only fitting to have a LEGO set dedicated to the man behind the mouse.

Walt Disney

Credit: D23

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LEGO Walt Disney Tribute Camera Set

Although wildly loved, “it has taken this long for his namesake Walt Disney Company to do the logical thing and turn him into a toy you can play with.” Inside the Magic writes. He, of course, was Walt Disney himself.

As reported by 9T05Toys, the set “Stacking up to 811 bricks; the main model assembles an old school cinema camera that turns the reels on top into a 100 logo for the Disney celebration.” Included in the set is a miniature film strip with classic Disney animations along with five minifigures. The figures include Walt Disney, which is a first of its kind, along with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Bambi, and Dumbo.

Walt Disney LEGO set

Credit: 9To5Toys

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The collaboration between Disney and LEGO has brought so many incredible sets so far, like Cinderella Castle and Mini Disney Haunted Mansion. 9To5Toys claims it may be the final set of the Disney100 collection. The new Walt Disney Tribute Camera set (43230) will arrive later this fall and is expected to be on shelves on September 1, 2023. The set is priced at $99.99, marking it more as a collectible LEGO set than a toy.

Will you jump on this new set come the fall?


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