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Although it feels like Disney was always around, Walt Disney came from humble beginnings. He started his first animation studio in 1922, and well, the rest is history! From 1922 to now, The Walt Disney Company has taken leaps into the future with technology, animation, and creativity.

Every time you look up at Cinderella Castle, watch a Disney movie at home or treat yourself to a Micky Mouse ice cream bar, you experience the wonderful world of Disney. The intent is always to make the Guests and fans happy, inspired, and, overall, feel the magic. Every detail in the Parks, every line sketchy in animation, and every idea brought to life is all owed to the talented Imagineers who make it all possible.

As a huge Disney fan, there are books that go back to the very beginning. It’s so interesting to see where your favorite characters came from, who had a helping hand in the process, and watch it all come to life. These five books are a must for any Disney lovers who know just about everything Disney related!

Walt Disney Books

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Must Read Books on Disney History

Walt Disney: An American Original By Bob Thomas

This definitive biography of Walt Disney features rare photos and facts about the life of Walt Disney. Author Bob Thomas brings forth the creativity, hard work, and efforts of Walt Disney in his book. Disney describes this book as “a fascinating and inspirational work that captures the spirit of Walt Disney.”

The Illusion of Life By Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston

This book is for anyone interested in animation, either as a creator in the industry or someone that just wants to learn more. The Illusion of Life dives into the art of animation and the world of animation at Disney.

Walt Disney Books

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One Day at Disney By Bruce Steele

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at Disney? Do you think their 9-5 jobs are as magical as we make up in our minds? Well, now you can discover those thoughts with One Day at Disney. The book has also been turned into a documentary featured on Disney+.

Walt Disney Drawn From Imagination By Bill Scollon

This book is different from others and more geared toward the children of Disney. We all grew up on Mickey Mouse and our love for the Parks. Walt Disney Drawn From Imagination lets the younger readers discover the biography of Walt Disney and his humble beginnings up to his most significant accomplishments.

Walt Disney Books

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Eat Like Walt By Marcy Carriker Smothers

Disney has some of the best snacks and desserts. As a foodie, Eat Like Walt lets readers in on all of the culinary history and even (if you could guess) Walt Disney’s eating habits. A fun fact reported by Business Insider is, “Walt had simple tastes, and he liked nothing more than a bowl of chili.”

Which book are you adding to your summer reading list?

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