A Controversial ”Smellephants” Experience Coming to Disney

Storybook Circus
Credit: Disney

Disney is always searching for new ways to improve the Parks. At Walt Disney World, new attractions, menus, and entertainment are often released to give Guests a new experience each time they visit. With changes always comes mixed opinions, especially if it affects a classic attraction to the Park. Like when Disney decided to close Splash Mountain for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Although Guests are excited about the new experience, it can be bittersweet saying goodbye to an iconic one.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom has various lands with a specific theme, along with dining options and attractions. In Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland is where Storybook Circus lives. In 2011, Disney Parks Blog released information on the expansion of Fantasyland, including the Dumbo-inspired Storybook Circus. The location has become mostly for younger Guests and their families to enjoy.

Disney has announced a new addition to Storybook Circus, which is seemingly controversial with fan reactions.

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Storybook Circus “Smellephants on Parade”

Disney took to social media this week to release the new experience Guests can look forward to. While Storybook Circus is mostly for younger Guests, the experience is also geared toward children and families to partake in. Disney announced on their Disney Parks Instagram,

There’s an all-new interactive experience coming to Magic Kingdom! “Smellephants on Parade” will be a family-friendly “search and sniff” adventure in Storybook Circus, presented by @scentsy, the Official Home Fragrance of @WaltDisneyWorld. Stay tuned for all the “relephant” details!

Storybook Circus

Credit: Disney

While there has yet to be any official opening date, fans have turned to the comments section to make their opinions made. The partnership with Scentsy is questionable to some fans, which may be where the reaction is coming from. “The company is known for being an MLM, or multi-level marketing, company, which is a controversial business model,” Inside the Magic explains. Although the company has been releasing wax melts and warmers for years with The Walt Disney Company, some do not agree with the partnership.

Storybook Circus

Credit: D23

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One Disney fan jlynnpesso wrote, “What if we didn’t promote pyramid schemes in the Parks?” while another, ashnicole.english commented, “I’m sure this is a wonderful idea, but it’s disappointing that Disney is partnering with an MLM to do this.”

What are your thoughts on the “smellephants” experience coming to Disney World?

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