Want to Intern at Disney World? Disney College Program Applications Are Open!

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Have you ever dreamed of working at the Most Magical Place on Earth? What if you could also live there and continue taking college courses while at it? The Disney College Program could be just what you need!

The Disney College Program gives students the experience of living, learning, and earning at the Walt Disney World Resort. Participants can take advantage of company-sponsored housing while working at locations all around Disney Parks and Resorts. They can even continue taking accredited courses if they like all within this paid internship experience.

Applications for the 2023 Disney College Program seasons are opening today. Here’s what you need to know if you are considering applying.

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According to the official social media accounts for the Disney College Program, applications will be available beginning today, August 29, 2022, on

Students who participate in the Disney College Program enjoy company-sponsored housing in the new Flamingo Crossings Village, where they have access to community amenities like a pool and fitness center, along with transportation to and from their work locations as well as grocery stores, and more.

A number of work locations, or roles, across the Walt Disney World Resort have a number of College Program participants (CPs) working there each season, including Merchandise, Attractions, Custodial, Quick-Service Food & Beverage, Costuming, and Transportation, just to name a few. Students need to have open availability to work all hours that may be set by business needs at Disney World, which is why you will often find the Parks run almost entirely by CPs during the evening hours.

Flamingo Crossings Village


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As for classes, the Disney College Program offers a limited number of accredited courses as well as seminar style classes. Whether or not you are able to earn college credit for the program depends on each school, so be sure to confirm all of these details with your college if you are planning to apply.

Over the years, the Disney College Program has become incredibly competitive, with more students than ever applying for their chance to move to the Walt Disney World Resort (for a semester or for good!) As a result, it is not uncommon for students to have to apply for multiple seasons before they are finally accepted. If doing the program is your dream, you may want to apply early on in your college career just to be safe.

Note, to be eligible to apply, you must be at least 18 years of age and have completed at least one semester of college. Recent graduates are also eligible to apply if they graduated within 24 months of the application posting date.

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Disney recently brought back International Programs, allowing students from different countries to work at Walt Disney World. In the past, the Disney College Program was also available at the Disneyland Resort; however, since the Resort closed at the beginning of the pandemic, Disney has made no mention of the West Coast program ever returning.

Disney’s official description of the program reads:

Discover a unique living and working environment with participants from all over the world. This program allows you to gain on-the-job experience with a world-renowned company, providing uniquely Disney learning experiences, all while preparing for your future, building transferable skills, including networking, problem solving, teamwork and effective communication.

Head over to when you are ready to apply, and best of luck!

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