Have Disney Fans Moved on From This Once Viral Theme Park Souvenir?

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane back to the 2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. Disney announced that one of the limited-time souvenirs at this seasonal event would be a Figment popcorn bucket, and Guests lost it.

While Figment had served as a sort of unofficial mascot for EPCOT’s festivals for several years, it was rare to see him included in this type of merchandise, and the popcorn buckets quickly became a must-have souvenir. All of this led to the buckets causing two+ hour lines for Guests purchasing them in the Park, nearly 100% markups by resellers offering them up on eBay, and disappointed fans when the souvenir sold out before they had a chance to get one…that is until Disney restocked the buckets and the process of purchasing one became nearly stress-free.


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Recently, the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride popcorn bucket debuted in the Magic Kingdom, exhibiting many of the factors that made the Figment bucket so popular without the addition of long lines and chaos. While Mr. Toad is another character that has a cult following (and limited merchandise) Disney revamped the process of purchasing these buckets from the get-go.

Rather than using a traditional standby line at any point during sales of the Mr. Toad bucket, Disney made the souvenir available during select times through mobile order only. Resellers continued to stock up on the bucket and sell them with unsettling markups online, but with more Guests able to purchase on in the Park in the first place, we cannot imagine that those endeavors were as profitable as the early days of the Figment bucket.

Mr. Toad Popcorn Bucket at Disney Springs

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As of December 5, 2022, the Mr. Toad popcorn bucket has made its way to Disney Springs where Disney says it will be available to purchase for a “limited time.” We should also note that Disney’s initial announcement noted that the Mr. Toad bucket would only be available in the Magic Kingdom for a limited time as well. The bucket was only intended to be available for three days at the beginning of November, but Guests continued to find availability to order a bucket days and weeks after its sales were supposed to have ended.

Disney popcorn buckets have always been an exciting souvenir for their ability to serve a useful purpose (discounted popcorn refills!) during a Disney vacation, and their fun appearance to find a home on your kitchen or living room shelf. But is their popularity finally waning?

Mickey Mummy and Millennium Falcon Popcorn Buckets

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Before Mr. Toad and Figment, the Mickey Mummy popcorn bucket has become a staple of recent Halloween seasons at Walt Disney World. Despite its initial popularity, this bucket has often been spotted at both the Disney Character Warehouse outlet and Cast Connections (a discount store exclusive to Cast Members.)

Even earlier in the recent memory of Disney Parks popcorn buckets, there have been several instances where the Millennium Falcon bucket would sell out (even before the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge), but as of this writing, the Falcon has been around for years and if you can’t find it on your next Disney trip, you probably will eventually.

Disney World Popcorn Buckets Holiday

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This is not to say that fans are done with popcorn buckets altogether; especially at the Disneyland Resort and international Disney Parks where some styles do appear to truly be limited edition and continue to have quite the following. We do share all of this, however, to point out that you may have better luck securing your favorite popcorn bucket than you’d think.

Even if the bucket you’re after was marketed as limited edition, it never hurts to see if it is still available. You may even be able to find it at a different location, like Disney Springs, or the Character Warehouse if you have time to spend shopping outside of Walt Disney World.

Best of luck in securing your next favorite popcorn bucket, and fingers crossed that they continue to become more available and easier to shop for in the Parks!

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