Disney Fans Wait 12 Hours in Virtual Queue for This Annual Pass

Disney fans hoping to score access to an Annual admission Pass for this Disney Park faced disappointment after wait times of over twelve hours to get through a virtual queue.

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Disneyland’s first “All Inclusive Passport” premiered on June 20, 1981. This multiple-entry admission ticket would later grow into what we now know as the “Annual Pass.” However, while Disney still offers the Annual Pass at the Walt Disney World Resort, following the Southern California Park’s shutdown due to Covid-19, Disneyland announced its new annual admission entry, the Magic Key.

Moreover, the Magic Key is a tiered system, comprised of four tiers: Believe Key, Imagine Key, Enchant Key, and Inspire Key. Ranging in price, the amount of black-out dates lessens, and the number of benefits increases as you go up each tier.

For example, at $1599 per year, the Inspire Key is the most expensive tier for Guests, though it does have a number of exclusive benefits such asĀ unlimited Disney Genie+, the ability to hold up to six Theme Park Reservations at a time, and unlimited digital downloads for Disney PhotoPass.

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When first released, the Magic Keys of every tier quickly sold out, with no word on when more would become available to the public. Yesterday, Disneyland announced they would continue to offer Magic Key Passes for sale to new Guests.

Guests clamored to purchase one in order to spend more time at the Happiest Place on Earth. Yet, each tier observed a price increase anywhere from $50 to $200 per Pass compared to previous costs. Even so, many fans waited valiantly to retrieve access to the online platform where they could purchase a Magic Key.

The problem? They would often have to wait for hours in a virtual queue. One user, @hastin, took to Twitter to share his own experience attempting to receive a Magic Key Pass:

After twelve hours in line, at 4 a.m., Hastin said disbelievingly that he couldn’t “believe there’s this much demand.” Especially since after today, every tier except the highly-priced Inspire sold out.Ā  Disney has since closed the virtual queue altogether and no longer offers any Magic Key Pass.

Perhaps this is a lesson to never underestimate the dedication of Disney fans to the sources of magic and wonder which bring them joy. Or, it says something about those “cost-cutting measuresthe Walt Disney Company announced they would implement after their Q4 Earnings Call in order to keep regular admission prices down, by limiting their “unfavorable attendance mix?”

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Guests who missed out on a Disneyland Magic Key this time aroundĀ can still buy General Admission here. Don’t forget, for those who are a Magic Key Holder and a General Admission Guest, the Disneyland Resort still requires same-day reservations as well. DisneyTips will provide more updates on Magic Key passes as they become available.

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