Disney Files Patent Assumed for Themed Star Wars Resort at Walt Disney World

It was previously announced that Walt Disney World intends to open a fully immersive Star Wars themed resort within Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This new resort is expected to tie into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new themed land set to open at the theme park in 2019.  Disney posted a patent that appears to be related to the development for this new Star Wars resort.  The patent is titled:   “Multimedia System for Transforming Any Room Into a Show Environment.”  The patent is a system that allows any room to be converted into a completely immersive experience for guests.


Here is some of the detail from the document:

There are many settings where it is desirable to provide in-room entertainment to make people’s stay in that room or space more enjoyable. These spaces may range from waiting areas (e.g., airport and other transportation staging areas, health and other service waiting rooms, and so on) to hotel rooms to a room in someone’s home, and each of these spaces may be considered a “room” in this description. To date, the types of entertainment provided in these spaces or “in-room” has been quite limited. For example, hotel rooms have long been rather generic environments distinguished from each other mainly by their furnishings, decor, the hotel’s location, and out-of-room amenities provided in the hotel or its grounds. Conventional thinking in the hotel industry has been that it is desirable to make their guest very comfortable while they sleep but to otherwise encourage their guests to leave their room to partake in entertaining activities such as shopping and dining on-site or elsewhere in a resort or nearby city.

This new system would actually use a variety of different devices to tell the story and create the full immersive experience for guests.  This could include lighting devices, fans, projectors, sound, etc. This type of immersive design and experience could be applied to any of the amazing movies and character themes, but we assume that the first introduction of this technology will be to create the Star Wars resort.  If this application is successful, it is very possible that we could see this technology used in other resorts around Walt Disney World or other Disney resorts around the globe.

Photo and Source Credit: United States Patent and Trademark Office


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