Disney Guests Call This $10 Sliver of Cake a “Huge Disappointment”

It’s no secret that the price of food has recently gone up in Disney Parks. Whether visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, Guests should always be prepared to spend a chunk of change on dining options for the whole family.

With the cost of food rising in Disney Parks, you’d expect quality and quantity to stay luxurious, right? Wrong, according to one Guest who recently visited Disneyland Resort and spent $10 on a sliver of cake.

The 8-Layer Skinny Cake of the Caribbean. Now this is really where DLR is pinching a penny ? from Disneyland

Reddit user u/pizgloria007 posted a picture of the slice of cake they ordered from the Blue Bayou Restaurant in New Orleans Square, writing, “The 8-Layer Skinny Cake of the Caribbean. Now this is really where [Disneyland Resort] is pinching a penny.

blue bayou restaurant

Credit: Disney

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Another Reddit user was quick to link an archived photo, claiming that this is what the popular Blue Bayou Restaurant dessert used to look like.

Although the recipe and the garnish have both changed from a chocolate hazelnut to a chocolate coffee cake, the most glaring difference is the change in portion sizes. While the older slice is a thick slice of rich chocolate cake, the new slice is thinner than the accompanying garnishes.

The original poster commented on the post, writing,

We started laughing when this arrived. The pic does not do justice to how thin the cake slice is. Huge disappointment as we love cake, and happen to be well experienced with the concept of the cake slice, and what an adequate one should look like. A slither indeed.


Credit: Disney

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Another Reddit user made a joke commenting on the Walt Disney Company’s latest business tactics, writing, “If Disney were smart, they would charge a supplemental $20 fee so you can upgrade to the Lightning Cake, which would be the regular sized slice of cake. This is the basic package. Don’t be poor, peasant.”

With Disney dining options for lunch and dinner being so expensive, Guests are arguably upset about the smaller portions being served recently. Will the theme park make any changes, or will the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ continue to disappoint Guests? Only time will tell.

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