Moana concept art from D23 at Disney's Animal Kingdom
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Former Disney Imagineer Proposes New Disney World Lands

Walt Disney World has announced several confirmed projects coming to its many theme parks over the next few years. However, there have also been rumors and dreams of Disney fans circulating.

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DinoLand Going Away

It has already been confirmed that Zootopia and Moana-themed experiences will have an increased presence in the Parks, particularly in an Animal Kingdom expansion where DinoLand U.S.A currently sits. That particular land inside the Disney Park has been eyed for years as an area due for a retheming.


Credit: Disney

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Former Disney Imagineer Jim Shull took to Twitter earlier today to share his proposed idea over how to best split up the area that currently makes up DinoLand U.S.A. He states that he is against bringing animated characters into Disney’s Animal Kingdom but then suggests Coco as a possible option. Shull suggests Moana could be given a water ride (as already mentioned by others) while the ride Dinosaur could be rethemed to a ‚ÄúMexican/Central American vibe‚ÄĚ that could tie into Coco (2017).

Although Guests have supported adding Coco more into the Disney Parks, many feel it would make more sense at EPCOT in the Mexico Pavilion or perhaps even in the Magic Kingdom.


Credit: Disney

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Some fans were not happy with Shull’s suggestion and made their feelings known in the comments and retweets of his post. ‚ÄúThis is an abysmal plan,‚ÄĚ states @Dr_GrantSeeker. Other comments point out that rather than tear down existing rides and attractions, Walt Disney World should expand the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parks or add a fifth gate. A comment from @BlalockNate¬†suggests building an immersive¬†Lion King-based area instead.

A Fifth Park?

In the meantime, Walt Disney World Guests will continue to hope, dream, and speculate over how and where Disney should add in existing IP (intellectual properties). Although Walt Disney World has not confirmed plans to build a fifth theme Park in Central Florida, Bob Iger has hinted it’s under consideration. We will just have to wait and see what surprises Disney Imagineers have in store.

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