Disney World Upcoming New Rides After Years of Delays

An image showing an artistic rendering of a vibrant theme park reminiscent of EPCOT. The left side features charming buildings and a street with pink blooming trees and visitors. The right side shows an animated ride with smiling people, colorful cars, and a whimsical background.
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Disney finally wrapped up a years-long project in Florida, confirming several planned rides and attractions have been canceled indefinitely.

Nighttime view of CommuniCore Hall, an illuminated building featuring a geometric facade with glowing green and blue triangular patterns. Large, bold white letters spell out "COMMUNiCORE HALL" above the entrance. Palm trees are visible on the right.

Credit: Disney

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In a recent Disney Parks blog post, EPCOT Vice President Kartika Rodriguez discussed EPCOT’s new CommuniCore Hall area being finalized. Along with this statement, Rodriguez deemed EPCOT’s years-long transformation project complete.

“It’s a very exciting time to be at EPCOT,” said Rodriguez. “After years of creative vision, innovation, and dedicated work, I’m thrilled to share that the historic transformation of our park is complete.”

Rodriguez revealed that CommuniCore Hall, CommuniCore Plaza, and Mickey & Friends are now open to all guests.

Three people walk side by side, holding hands, in front of CommuniCore Hall. Two are wearing Disney-themed clothing with mouse ears, while one has a colorful shirt. The building has modern architecture with geometric patterns. Trees are visible in the background.

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“These beautiful new spaces speak to the heart of the World Celebration neighborhood, which focuses on experiences that bring communities together. As you come together with your family and friends to explore these new areas, here are a few things that I’m most excited for you all to see.”

This marks a historic day for EPCOT in Walt Disney World, but it also reminds fans of other projects that seemingly got lost in the shuffle over the years.

Concept art for an update to Spaceship Earth, a Walt Disney World ride

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Part of the original overhaul plan for EPCOT included a variety of new attractions and experiences. Spaceship Earth was set to receive a massive upgrade and was weeks away from closing down before COVID-19 forced Walt Disney World and other Disney locations to shut down.

With the declaration of EPCOT” ‘s transformation being “complete,” it seems Spaceship Earth’s overhaul has been canceled indefinitely.

A Mary Poppins attraction was announced for the United Kingdom section of EPCOT’s World Showcase area, which is also now canceled indefinitely.

Other new and exciting projects were also announced for EPCOT, like upgrades to the park’s abandoned Wonders of Life Pavilion.

play pavilion header

Credit: Disney

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EPCOT’s Wonders of Life Pavilion officially closed in 2007 and has remained empty since, though Disney has tried to bring the area back to life. In 2019, Disney revealed it was transforming the Wonders of Life Pavilion into a new area called the PLAY Pavilion, which would offer guests new and innovative hands-on activities, ranging from exciting video games to virtual reality experiences.

EPCOT’s planned PLAY Pavilion was scheduled to open in 2021, though similar to other future EPCOT projects, this pavilion’s announcement came and went and is now also canceled indefinitely.

It’s possible all or some of these upgrades are still being planned, but with this new declaration, it seems Disney is heading down a slightly different path for EPCOT than it originally intended.

This is not to say that EPCOT has not received some quality upgrades in recent years, with the park opening several new rides and attractions over the last few years.

In 2022, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind opened at EPCOT, becoming the park’s first-ever roller coaster. EPCOT is also home to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana.

The new upgrades don’t stop at EPCOT, with Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios all receiving several quality upgrades over the last few years.

Most notable is Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which is set to open this summer at Magic Kingdom. This new attraction officially opens this June.

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