Disney World Braces for ‘Extremely Rare’ Tropical Hurricane Approaching from Atlantic

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Walt Disney World Resort might need to prepare for its first major hurricane of the season as a new development is forming off the Atlantic coast. If you’re heading to the theme parks this week or next, be ready for flooding, power outages, and more.

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National Hurricane Center Tracking a New System That Could Impact Walt Disney World Resort

Over the weekend, data analysis suggests a notable possibility of a tropical depression or storm emerging and tracking westward towards the east coast of Florida or southeast Georgia by late Wednesday into Thursday. According to FOX 35 Storm Team Meteorologist Noah Bergren, such an occurrence in June would be considered “extremely rare.” He highlighted, “Historically, only three storms have made landfall from the east in June,” citing Tropical Storm Danny in 2021 as the most recent, affecting South Carolina.

This unusual weather pattern is attributed to a large heat dome over New England, causing an east-to-west airflow across the southwest Atlantic Ocean. As of Father’s Day, the National Hurricane Center estimates a 30% chance of tropical formation. Bergren cautioned, “Personally, I think we should exercise caution and await Monday’s updated data. However, if a system does form, it would likely move swiftly, potentially passing through in a matter of hours.”

The  @Weathernerds Euro ENS shows #PTC1 with a trailing system that also has a chance to devlop. This will be its own seperate invest and name if it gets one. This would be a weekend and early next week system.


Bergren speculated further, “Could a tropical depression or tropical storm develop and impact Florida’s east coast unusually this Thursday? Yes. But even if it does, it’s likely to be a weak, asymmetric, and disorganized storm with minimal impact.” Regardless of tropical development, central-eastern Florida and southeast Georgia regions should prepare for possible minor to moderate coastal flooding, high surf advisories, potential beach erosion, and increased showers and storms on Thursday.

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One model indicates a more substantial impact scenario, suggesting a solid tropical storm making landfall in northeast Florida, although such an event remains improbable for mid-June. This season’s warm ocean temperatures contribute to the elevated possibility of such rare weather phenomena. Meanwhile, another area of concern has emerged over Central America, the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, and nearby waters of the northwestern Caribbean Sea.

This disturbance is expected to consolidate into a broad area of low pressure over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico within the next two days. Conditions appear conducive for gradual development, with a potential for a tropical depression to form by midweek as it moves westward or west-northwestward. The National Hurricane Center in Miami indicates a 70% likelihood of this system organizing into a more coherent tropical system over the coming week.

Should this system achieve named status, it would be the first named storm of the season, designated as Alberto. Heavy rainfall is anticipated over southern Mexico and Central America, posing risks of life-threatening flash floods for several days. Regarding the “infrequent” tropical system forming near Florida, Disney World guests should be prepared for dangerous weather in the area.

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Guests visiting Disney World should stay informed about weather updates through reliable sources like the National Hurricane Center, local news channels, or official Disney communication channels. Keep a close eye on weather forecasts and updates regarding the potential tropical system. This includes tracking its development, projected path, and intensity.

Stay informed about any advisories or warnings issued by local authorities or Disney World management. Follow their guidance and instructions. Pack essentials such as non-perishable food, water, medications, flashlights, batteries, and a first aid kit in case of power outages or other emergencies. Secure any loose outdoor items or furniture around your accommodation to prevent them from becoming projectiles in strong winds.

Be flexible with travel plans. Understand that, depending on the weather conditions, transportation services or park operations may be disrupted. During any weather-related disruptions, remain calm and patient. Follow instructions from Disney World staff and be prepared for potential delays or changes to your itinerary. By staying proactive and prepared, Disney World guests can effectively manage the risks of an unusual tropical system forming off the Atlantic coast and ensure their safety during their visit.

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