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The Amazon Disney Store That No One Talks About

amazon disney store

Are you a lover of all things Disney? Are you a fan who can’t help but collect Disney merchandise at all costs? Well, what you may not know is that Amazon has a Disney Store that no one seems to talk about. If you’re looking for the latest Disney merchandise but aren’t able to make it into a Disney Park ...

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Immediate U.S. National Advisory Alerts All Disney World Guests to Stay Home and Call Off Vacations

Crowd at Disney World

Things are getting spicy in Orlando, and if you are planning on visiting Walt Disney World, you may want to re-think that trip after the latest government update. Disney World’s Heat Problem Traveling to Walt Disney World Resort is always an exciting and magical experience. The thrill starts when you drive under the Disney World entrance, instantly feeling the magic. ...

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Disney Hits New Low as Massive Magic Kingdom Expansion Plans Drag Company Down

A split image shows a statue of a man holding hands with a mouse character outside Magic Kingdom on the left, and a view of the entrance gate of Magic Kingdom, Disney World, with the text "Magic Kingdom" overhead, on the right. The ground appears wet from rain.

If you think the Mouse’s plans to invest billions into Disney World and potentially open a fifth theme land would be good for business, the numbers are here to prove you wrong. Disney’s value is cratering, and thousands of Guests should prepare for the consequences. After several years of collapsing box office profits (exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic), near-empty Disney ...

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Extreme Weather Hits Florida, Causing Closures at Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom with Cinderella Castle and puddles

When planning a visit to Walt Disney World, it’s essential to consider the weather conditions to make the most of your magical adventure. The weather at Walt Disney World plays a significant role in shaping your experience, influencing everything from what you pack to the activities you can enjoy during your stay. Understanding the climate patterns can help you prepare ...

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New Disney Animatronic Dies Mid-Performance in Front of Guests

Tiana Animatronic

A Disney Princess animatronic died in front of dozens of Walt Disney World Resort guests. The incident was one of many ongoing maintenance issues during the preview period for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which officially opens at Magic Kingdom Park on June 28, 2024. For the last few weeks, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has been open only to Disney cast members, invited ...

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