Disney’s Florida Theme Park Makes Changes Following Safety Concerns From Guests

Crowds taking over EPCOT's World Showcase
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Several hazards have been taken care of at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

A monorail glides along a track in the foreground with the iconic geodesic sphere of epcot's spaceship earth in the background under a clear blue sky.

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Following several safety concerns and guest complaints, Walt Disney World has finally removed several walking hazards from its theme parks. These hazards were located at EPCOT, with the park recently wrapping up multiple construction projects.

Few Disney theme parks have undergone as many changes or upgrades as EPCOT in Florida. EPCOT was the second park to open at Walt Disney World, joining Magic Kingdom in 1982. Over the last several decades, EPCOT has certainly changed and evolved, but the level of change the park has seen since 2018 is unprecedented.

One of the biggest changes to EPCOT is found within the park’s new layout. EPCOT is now split into four distinct areas: World Celebration, World Nature, World Showcase, and World Discovery. Each of these areas features rides, attractions, and experiences, all of which are unified by their theme or mission.

However, one of EPCOT’s most recent changes involves making the theme park a little less dangerous for guests.

A large topiary sculpture of a woman, lush and green, set in a vibrant garden with trees, colorful flowers, and a view of a large geodesic sphere in the background under a sunny sky.

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Last year, several new light posts were installed in EPCOT’s new World Celebration Gardens area. While visually stunning, these new posts proved to be quite hazardous for guests walking through the park, so much so that Disney covered up the posts entirely in an effort to protect guests from tripping.

The issue stemmed from the base of these posts, which was essentially a giant mound of concrete. Multiple reports claimed guests were constantly tripping and falling due to these rather unsightly concrete mounds.

Twitter/X user AmusementInside shared an example of this.

new favorite EPCOT activity is sitting here with a beer and watching people trip over this.

These issues persisted for multiple weeks until Disney surrounded the bases of these posts with a woven box earlier this year.

Now, Disney has seemingly finalized the construction of these posts, removing the woven box from the base, revealing a finished cap at the bottom.

Twitter/X user ParkTwister shared an image of the new posts.

All trip hazards in World Celebration Gardens have been taken care of

The recently finished lamposts are a great addition to EPCOT and help usher in the next era of the theme park.

As stated earlier, a lot has changed at EPCOT over the last several years, with work on the park entering the home stretch.

In June, Disney declared EPCOT’s multi-year transformation complete, with CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza officially opening to guests.

Do you enjoy visiting EPCOT? What’s your favorite theme park at Walt Disney World?

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