Disneyland Now Belongs to Mexico, New Photos Surface

Disney Downtown Mexico
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Disneyland is being annexed by Mexico, and we’ve got a sneak peek at what to expect.

A blue sign reads "downtown disney." There is a green tree in the background.

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The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is in a constant process of upgrades, renovations, and replacements, and the Downtown Disney District is no exception. While many longtime Guests might be disappointed that the beloved eatery  Tortilla Jo’s closed just a few days ago, taking with it some legendary tableside guacamole and margaritas, it turns out that it is being replaced with three new Mexican dining experiences from a world-class chef.

The Downtown Disney District will soon feature three new concept restaurants: Paseo, Céntrico, and Tiendita (per Disney Parks), the handiwork of Mexico’s first Michelin-starred Chef Carlos Gaytán. The restaurants’ concept art and sample dishes have now been released, giving future visitors a glimpse of what to expect when the eateries open.

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Interior of a stylish restaurant with wooden stairs, vertical slat dividers, and unique cloud-shaped pendant lights. people are casually walking and conversing in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Credit: Patina Restaurant Group, Garcia Studio

Disney describes this as: “A stunning staircase will lead you to Paseo’s show-stopping dining room and bar area lined with rich woods, tiles, textures, leathers and custom accents that celebrate Mexico’s craftsmanship culture. An extended upper patio will offer exceptional new views of the district!”

Some of the featured dishes as Paseo will include “colorful ceviches, Mama’s cochinita pibil (roasted marinated pork), lamb barbacoa and the mejillones (mussels).”

A bowl of steamed mussels garnished with herbs, served with slices of bread on a wooden table, accompanied by glasses of water and a drink.

Credit: Patina Restaurant Group, Garcia Studio

Céntrico is described as a more open-plan courtyard and restaurant specializing in tequila-based cocktails and more traditional Mexican food, as opposed to Paseo’s French-influenced fare. A Disney press release says it will offer “quesabirrias, chicken enchiladas, tlayuda (a Oaxacan shareable dish reminiscent of a pizza with a perfect crunch) and one of Chef Gaytán’s favorites, Caesar salad.”

Artist's concept of a stylish indoor restaurant featuring a warm, wooden interior with rattan lighting fixtures. people are dining and socializing around tables as waitstaff attend to guests.

Credit: Patina Restaurant Group, Garcia Studio

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The third new location, Tiendita, appears to be positioned as a more low-cast, on-the-go experience highlighting street food. Reportedly, it will involve a self-ordering station and offer “esquites (roasted corn), fish tacos, ice cream- stuffed chocolate tacos, and breakfast favorites like chorizo breakfast burritos and chilaquiles (marinated tortilla chips with egg). You may even see the expert culinary team at work, adding to the experience!”

Longtime Disney fans might miss Tortilla Jo’s, but, with options like these, probably not for very long.

Paseo, Céntrico, and Tiendita are expected to open in the Downtown Disney District in May.

Why is Disneyland going so hard on the Mexican eating options? Tell us your theories in the comments below!

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