Missing Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Here Are The Songs You Need!

There’s no denying it, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a truly beautiful theme park.

From the luscious foliage to the intricate details reflecting different cultures; the diverse offerings of attractions and the wonderful restaurants available that pay homage to world cuisines.

There’s one thing that the Disney Park wouldn’t be without though, and that’s the collection of music that you have the pleasure of hearing as you explore the different areas. The combination of these things really does make for the true Disney experience.

The music chosen by Disney Imagineers to feature as you pass through areas of each Walt Disney World Park, is pieced together to enhance the atmosphere being created. There’s no denying that the sounds you hear in Disney’s Animal Kingdom transport you to a new part of the world (quite literally!).

If you’re anything like us here at Disney Tips, you want to continue to experience all of the feels that you get inside of the theme park, long after you’ve left.

Festival of The Lion King animal kingdom

Credit: Disney Tips

Here are all the tracks you need to make the playlist that will help you to visualize and imagine you are right there, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. We’re sure it will ease the Disney blues, even though you’re countdown is reminding you that there’s a wait still left before you are right there!


Let’s start at the beginning of the magical journey into the wilderness!

You’ve passed through the entrance, and have to make your first decision of the day – left or right? Either way, you know you’ll have your first animal encounter of the day. Follow the winding path round, passing waterfalls, streams, and stunning greenery.

Stop by to see wallabies, boar, and spoonbills. Maybe even pause to watch the serene DiVine, make her way along the path too. All of this is accompanied by these wonderful sounds:

Credit: Disney Tips

  • I Already Have a Husband – Balafon Marimba Ensemble
  • Nhamo – Balafon Marimba Ensemble
  • Trashin’ The Camp – Rosie O’Donnell, Phil Collins & Cast – Tarzan
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Lebo M
  • Rafiki’s Fireflies – Hans Zimmer

Discovery Island

The Oasis certainly sets Guests up for the centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s the view that you long to see when you know you’re going to be a Wilderness Explorer for the day: The Tree of Life. It isn’t possible to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom, without passing through Discovery Island.


Credit: Matthew Cooper 

It’s a place to browse gift shops for the perfect souvenir and treat yourself to delicious cuisine. Burrow deep below the Tree of Life, and become an honorary insect, with the bugs from A Bug’s Life (1998).

Explore winding paths in the Discovery Island Trails and spot exotic creatures such as lemurs, flamingos, kangaroo, and porcupines. Even seek out your favorite Disney characters, including Dug and Russell from Up (2009). Keep your eyes peeled for Kevin too! 

Credit: Disney Tips

The following songs will provide the perfect reminder of stopping in Discovery Island to get that perfect photo with the Tree of Life:

  • Flik Leaves – Randy Newman
  • Remember – Hans Zimmer
  • Under the Stars – Hans Zimmer & Lebo M
  • Rivers of Light – Don Harper
  • A Night in Bali – Gus Teja
  • Mickey’s Jungle Jammin’ Parade – Walt Disney Records
  • Adventure – Walt Disney Records

Dinoland U.S.A.

Whether you’re passing through to take a ride on DINOSAUR, or hoping to win prizes at Fossil Fun Games, Dinoland U.S.A is always so much fun! Remember when you could stop by and watch Finding Nemo The Musical, on your way out too? Add these songs to your Disney’s Animal Kingdom playlist to remember the funs times you have here:

Credit: Disney Dining

  • Dancing with the Dinosaur – Steven Curtis
  • Walk the Dinosaur – Was (Not Was)
  • CTX Theme – Richard Bellis
  • Finding Nemo The Musical – Soundtrack


There’s so much to explore and experience in Asia, whether you’re an adventure -seeker, or a budding animal expert! Asia also offers wonderful places to stop and relax, whilst enjoying an ice cream with a view of Expedition Everest, or in the shade nearby the playful and noisy Gibbons.

It’s also hard not to pass through without stopping for a photo too! Food offerings are also great, especially with the popular Yak & Yeti, located here.

Credit: V Mills

Close your eyes and imagine you’re right there, listening to these delights:

  • Footprints – Jai Uttal
  • Darjeeling/The Toy Train – Rahul Sharma
  • Pahari – Jai Uttal
  • Aziz Aziz – Outback
  • Resham Firiri – Shishir Thapa, Shovit Rana & Bukun Gandharba


A visit to Africa in Disney’s Animal Kingdom guarantees you many adventures: from safaris and festivals to exotic food dishes and exquisite souvenirs. You also can’t help but stop by Harambe and enjoy the performances of the Kora Tinga Tinga, and the Tam Tam Drummers of Harambe. Let’s not forget the views of Expedition Everest across Discovery River too!

Credit: V Mills

Prepare to reminisce of the wonderful times you’ve had, and are yet to experience, in Africa, whilst listening to these tracks:

  • African Safari – Derek Fletcher
  • The Festival of the Lion King Soundtrack
  • Yolele – Papa Wemba
  • Try kivy (Don’t Be Discouraged) – Tarika
  • Uya Mussiya Kwini – Ghorwane
  • Welcome to Our World – Lebo M
  • African Breeze – Brandon Fletcher

Pandora – The World of Avatar

The newest addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, having replaced Camp Mickey-Minnie, Pandora – The World of Avatar is certainly a star of the Disney Park. Since opening on May 27, 2017, this land has attracted large crowds, undeniably given its incredible attractions and sublime theming. With this in mind, the following songs are a must, to complete your playlist:

  • Na’vi River Journey Ride Through – Sandra Benton
  • Magic of the Land – James Horner
  • Becoming One of “the People” Becoming One With Neytiri – James Horner

Credit: Disney

Now that you’ve created your playlist, all that’s left to do is enjoy!

Whether you choose to play it, as created, or shuffle the tracks on Spotify, you are in for an audio treat. It’s sure to help the countdown to your next trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom a little easier!

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