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Don’t Make These Mistakes in Walt Disney World

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be a lot of work, and we have spent some time offering tips and tricks to help you along the way.  We have a few Disney mistakes that we have made in the past, and we want to make sure you don’t make the same ones when in Disney World.  We hope these will help you to be more prepared and have a magical trip.

Underestimating How Much Walking is Done

We are sure you have heard that you do a lot of walking in Disney World and you have thought- yeah, okay, I get it.  But believe us- you walk so much while on vacation in Disney World.  Don’t underestimate this by thinking your body, and your kids’ bodies, will just be able to adapt easily.  Most of us don’t walk ten to twelve miles a day for multiple days in a row.  If you are bringing little ones, consider bringing a small stroller with you even if they typically don’t use it at home anymore.  By doing this it gives them the option to sit and saves you from carrying them around the Park.  Before heading down, take family walks to get everyone prepared and ready for those miles.  This can make a huge difference prior to heading to and walking in a theme park.

Not Packing Right

It might seem like you need to bring everything in your house to Disney World, but that isn’t the case.  We highly recommend taking time to make a list and checking it twice to make sure you are packing correctly for the trip.  Really double check the list before heading down to make sure you don’t get stuck purchasing expensive items that you forgot.  No matter when you are heading to Disney, don’t forget to bring rain gear even if the forecast isn’t calling for any rain.  Also, make sure you have sunscreen, even in those winter months.  The sun can be extremely strong in Disney World even in the winter.  Make that list ahead of time so you will have what you actually need for the trip.

Bringing the Wrong Clothes

We love being cute in our Disney pictures with adorable Disney themed clothes, but we have learned the hard way that sometimes being cute isn’t worth feeling uncomfortable all day in the Park.  Make sure that you wear clothes that are comfortable and breathable so you are comfy on rides and waiting in lines.  Those that enjoy skirts and dresses, make sure that you are able to get in and out of ride vehicles while wearing them.  The other big mistake we have made when it comes to clothing is wearing the wrong shoes.  As we mentioned earlier, you can walk up to ten miles a day and you will want shoes that allow you to do so comfortably.  Try out shoes prior to being in the Park so you know if you are able to walk with them.  Also, consider bringing multiple pairs of shoes in case they get wet or they do start to cause blisters.  There is nothing worse than sore feet in Disney World.

Spending Money On Water

It is important to stay hydrated in Disney World with all the walking and humid weather.  This means that lots of water should be consumed each day.  Don’t make a mistake and buy bottled water at the parks, but instead bring your own refillable water bottle.  Throughout Disney World there are refillable water stations that allow you to easily keep hydrated.  Disney also offers free ice water at all quick service locations, which is another fantastic option to get the water you need throughout the day.  Don’t spend money on bottled water but instead bring your own to save money.

Not Relaxing

It is hard to slow down while in Disney World because we want to see and do it all, but this can result in a miserable experience.  Go into the vacation knowing that you aren’t going to see and do it all, but instead enjoy the magical moments you do experience and take time to relax.  Some of the best moments are those that you don’t plan on but instead happen randomly.  Consider hanging out on the hub grass in Magic Kingdom or ride the PeopleMover a few times to catch the sights from high up.  We love strolling around the Tree of Life and seeing how many different animals we can find.  We enjoy these relaxing moments in the magic and so will you.

Not Being Flexible

We know that many of you spend months planning your Disney vacation, but you will want to make sure you allow yourself to be flexible.  Rides will go down, rain will come, meltdowns will happen, and that is all okay.  Allow yourself to take a step back and be flexible with your plans.  Take time at the resort in the afternoon to rest and head back early in the evenings if little ones are getting tired.  Don’t force the magic to happen but instead have a general plan and be flexible on how it plays out.  This can make the trip so much more successful for everyone.

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Not Enjoying the Resort

We love the Disney World Resorts as they help us feel like we are in the magic throughout our whole vacation.  The mistake we often make is that we don’t spend enough time at them.  We get so focused on the Theme Parks that we don’t slow down and enjoy the outstanding accommodations that are provided in the Disney Resorts.  Make sure to schedule some time to swim or have a meal at your Resort.  Enjoy some of the free activities that are offered as well.  Disney extends the magic to the Hotels, and it is a big mistake if you don’t enjoy them as well as the Theme Parks.

These are some of the big mistakes we have made in the past when it comes to our Walt Disney World vacations.  We hope that by sharing them you won’t make the same mistakes as we did.  What other mistakes have you made when on a Disney vacation?

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