Make Sure You Pack This For Your Trip To Disney World

You have booked the trip, have your dining reservations ready to go, park passes are made and now it is time to pack.  What exactly do you need to make sure to pack for your Walt Disney World vacation?  The good news is Disney typically has everything you might need available or it will be a quick Uber/Lyft ride to a Target, but to avoid all of this extra stress, we have what you need to make sure you remember to pack for your vacation.

Weather Items

We are going to start with what you need to pack so you are prepared for the weather.  Disney weather can be tricky with rainy, cold and hot all happening within the same trip sometimes.  Make sure you aren’t caught off guard by making sure these items come with you.

  1. Rain Gear

Start by making sure you have rain gear.  This could be umbrellas for everyone, ponchos or rain coats.  Determine what everyone would prefer to have and get it purchased before heading down.  Disney will have ponchos ready for you if you forget, but they will be a lot more than those $1 ponchos you can find at home.  If you have a stroller, make sure you bring a rain cover for it as well.  There is nothing worse than coming back to a wet, soggy stroller with a tired kid.  Also, think about what shoes will be the best for rain.  Either pack extra socks or have shoes that might do well in water.  Having these items packed and ready will allow you to sing in the rain instead of cry.

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2.  Prepare for Heat

It stays hot and humid in Florida well into October so make sure you pack accordingly.  Purchasing portable fans as having air movement can make a huge difference when waiting in line.  Cooling towels are also wonderful as they help keep your body temperature regulated.  Also, make sure you have a refillable water bottle.  There are so many options and suggestions on which are the best for the parks but as long as you will use it the style doesn’t matter.

Think about how you want to protect yourself from the Florida sun as well.  Make sure to have sunscreen and lots of it.  Disney has it at the baby care centers in all four parks, but it will cost you.  Also, hats are a great way to protect your face from the sun.  Grab a cute Mickey themed hat and you are ready to go.


You might think you need to pack your whole bathroom, but we have the essentials you might not think about throwing in for your vacation.

  1.  Hand sanitizer

Disney will have hand sanitizer throughout the parks and resorts; however, we still suggest having it with you in your park bag.  It is nice to have it close so you can use it whenever necessary.

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2.  Masks

Masks policies are constantly changing in Walt Disney World, but we highly recommend having a few for everyone in the family no matter what the policy is when you leave.  We know the policy has changed overnight so you want to be prepared and have masks that everyone is comfortable wearing.

3.   Moleskin

Your feet aren’t used to walking so many miles so blisters might occur no matter how prepared you are.  Having moleskin that you can put over the blisters to prevent more pain can truly help save your feet and the vacation.

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4.  Body glide

The heat and humidity can cause chaffing in places you didn’t even know could chaf.  We highly recommend having a body glide stick with you during your vacation.  This slides right on the irritated area and can help prevent more chafing and make the area feel so much better.

5.  Chapstick with SPF

Another area that gets impacted by the heat and humidity is your lips.  Make sure you have lip-balm with SPF to help keep your lips nice and hydrated.  It seems so simple but having some can make a huge difference.


Obviously you know to pack clothes, but what type of clothes should you pack?  First and foremost, pack clothes you are comfortable in.  You might want to look adorable, but if you are uncomfortable it won’t matter how cute you are.

  1. Shoes

Make sure you pack shoes that you can walk in- a lot-  as you typically will walk 10 miles a day.  Knowing this you will want to make sure you have shoes that will be able to keep your feet happy during all of these miles.  Although tennis shoes are typically the best option for most people, make sure no matter what you choose it is a pair you have tried out before the parks.  Also, make sure to have a second pair packed.  This is important in case it rains and your shoes get wet or if blisters do form you can switch them out.

2.   Socks

Obviously if you are wearing tennis shoes you need socks, but make sure you have ones that will work well in the 100% humidity in Florida.  Moisture wicking socks are great as they will allow your feet to breathe and hopefully have less issues.

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3.  Slip Shorts

If you haven’t heard of slip shorts we might just change your life today.  These are amazing undergarments that help prevent chafing and are the best.  If you like dresses or skirts, these are the best for helping with the humidity as well as helping keep you modest as you get in and out of rides.  

Random Items

The rest of these are random items that are super helpful, but you might not think about when packing.

  1.  Portable Charger

A trip to Disney World now requires the use of your smartphone more than ever before.  To make sure you aren’t left in the dark, make sure you have a portable charger for everyone in the party.  This will make sure you are ready to capture those magical moments at all times.

2.  Straws

Yes that is right we are going to suggest bringing reusable straws.  If you like to drink your pop, smoothies etc with straws you might want to bring your own.  Disney has transitioned to paper straws which is great for the environment but not always so good for those drinks.  They often dissolve faster than you can finish your drink, making it a little- interesting.  Prevent this by bringing your own.

3.  Ziplocks

This might seem really strange as well, but we recommend having some ziplocks along with for random needs.  Use them for phones on water rides, snacks you don’t want to finish or those smelly socks.  Ziplocks are super handy on vacation for a variety of reasons so grab some before you head down.

These are just some of the top items we think you should make sure to pack for your Walt Disney World vacation.  Even though you can get most of the items we listed down in Disney, it will save you a lot of stress, time and money if you come prepared.  Did we miss anything that you always pack?  Let us know.  For even more suggestions on packing click HERE.


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