‘Elemental’ Was a Box Office Hit, Now Breaks Records on Disney+

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The initial wishy-washy film has come a long way! Pixar’s Elemental was released in June of 2023 with high hopes for a box-office hit. Initially, the audience attraction wasn’t there. Only landing roughly $30 million a the domestic box office for opening weekend, chatter began that Elemental would be another flop for Pixar and Disney.

Though speculations thought it would be another Lightyear (2022) fiasco, Elemental turned it around big time. Since the opening weekend, the film crossed the $400 million mark at the global box office. The rare accomplishment showed that moviegoers kept showing up for the film, even after its premiere weekend. “In fact, it’s so rare that no Pixar movie has had a multiple that high since the one that started it all: 1995’s Toy Story,” The Walt Disney Company writes.


Credit: Disney

Furthermore, “Elemental is the first original animated film from any studio to reach the $400 million mark since 2017,” Disney details. What’s more exciting is that the record-breaking numbers don’t stop there. The Walt Disney Company has now released another record Elemental has hit, the most viewed movie premiere on Disney+.

‘Elemental’ Most Viewed on Disney+ of 2023

Elemental has another exciting breakthrough now on Disney’s streaming service, Disney+. As reported yesterday by The Walt Disney Company, the film was the most-watched movie premiere of the year on Disney+. Additionally, it’s “among the Top 10 movie premieres of all time, earning 26.4 million views in its first five days of streaming,” Disney reports.

The story of a fiery young woman, Ember, and a go-with-the-flow Wade is centered around the friendship and love that opposites share. Through their adventures and learning about their own beliefs, together, they challenge the world they live in. Now that the lighthearted film has made its way to Disney+, it’s not only the most watched of 2023 but yet hitting another milestone.

According to The Walt Disney Company, “In its first five days of streaming, Elemental has become the most viewed animated movie premiere since Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red was released in March 2022, as well as the most viewed Disney+ movie premiere of all time in Latin America, ahead of Turning Red.” Additionally, Scott Gustin points out the film surpassed The Little Mermaid (2023) at 16 million views, which was indicated to have surpassed Hocus Pocus 2 (2022).


Credit: Disney

The success doesn’t come as much of a surprise after its box-office accomplishments and its high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. According to “the world’s most trusted recommendation resources for quality entertainment,” the film had a high audience rating of 93% and a Tomatometer of 74%.

While Disney notes a “view is defined as total stream time divided by runtime,” the recognition for Pixar’s film feels deserving. Though the company has suffered some flops in the past few years, Elemental gives hope for original storylines and for more movies in the future.

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