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Ever Wonder How Disney Keeps Animals Warm When Cold Weather Strikes?

The temperature the past few nights reached lows that were not very Florida like. A cold snap came through the sunshine state and locals were turning on their heaters and putting on heavy coats. Even those visiting may have been hoping for warm Florida weather we’re probably surprised.

lion animal kingdom

Credit: Jon Holt

Many Guests wonder how Disney handles all of the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom when cold weather strikes.

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Thankfully, many of these animals already have fur coats thanks to Mother Nature, but still, it can be a struggle for them when the cold weather hits. Especially since they’re used to the warmer weather that Central Florida provides.

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“We actually have specific temperature parameters for every species in the park,” said Dr. Scott Terrell, veterinarian and Director of Animal and Science Operations for Walt Disney World. “If it’s below this temperature, the animals either are given access to indoor spaces where we have supplemental heat or in some cases, we make sure that they stay in comfortable quarters and conditions so that they’re not exposed to the elements, the extremes of the elements.”


“We’ve got the science side, which is the numbers, and then we’ve got the art side,” he said. “We know what it feels like to us and so we want to be focused on them and their comfort.”

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Walt Disney World takes great care of all animals, and they are handled by people who are very well trained. They don’t want to let anything happen to these incredible creatures either, and they know how to keep them safe and comfortable.

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We are about to hit warmer weather again, so if you have been in Central Florida the past few days, you can say that you survived the winter of 2022 in Florida. It was intense, but we made it!

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