Disney World Body Scanners Coming to New York City

Security at Disney World
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Everyone has had to walk through the security screening checkpoints at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. But as you rapidly pass through the body scanner, do you ever wonder how exactly these work and how effective this scanner is?

A security metal detector in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.

Credit: Inside the Magic

Well, some of these answers are becoming clearer as the company behind that security screening technology, Evolv Technology, tries to reel in an even bigger contract than Disney World: New York City.

In their presentation to New York, Evolv Technology, the artificial intelligence gun detection company, they bragged to New York Mayor Eric Adams that it has been working with the The Walt Disney Company since 2014.

Evolv co-founder Anil Chitkara wrote in an email to Adams: 

As I mentioned, Linda Reid, VP Security for Walt Disney World (Florida) has known us since 2014 and deployed many of our systems at the Parks and Disney Springs. They’ve had success screening for weapons with Evolv Express … There may be some interesting parallels to how you are thinking about everyone’s role in security.

Walt Disney World Railroad at the Magic Kingdom entrance

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New York is considering using full-body scanners in Times Square, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and subway stations. However, as a trial run, it tested the Evolv scanner outside a Bronx Hospital and City Hall, and what it found was alarming.

At the Bronx Hospital, the scanners reported false positives 85 percent of the time. Despite those shockingly high numbers and Evolv’s CEO said the scanners “aren’t for public transportation,” Adams announced that New York will roll them out in the subways later this year.

Disney World started using the Evolv scanners in 2020. According to Evolv co-founder Mike Ellenbogan, the units can scan 1,800 to 3,600 guests an hour. They can now be found at all of Disney World’s World’s theme parks and Disney Springs.

Disneyland Body Scanners

Credit: (Left) Disney / (Right) Paul’s Tark Adventures

Shortly after Walt Disney World started using the Evolv scanners, Six Flags purchased dozens of units for their theme parks nationwide.

Despite the number of false positives in New York City, there has never been an incident of someone sneaking a gun or other weapons into Walt Disney World. New York City is apparently moving forward with its purchase for the Transit system.

How do you feel about Disney World scanners coming to New York City? 

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