Will Disney Build a Malaysia Theme Park?

Does the Walt Disney Company have plans to construct a new Disney Theme Park in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia?

Melaka (formerly “Malacca”), a state in Penisular West Malaysia, has become the subject of great debate following a press conference with the State Executive Council (EXCO). A Tumasik Ruler named Paramesvara founded the site of an Ancient Malay kingdom along the Strait of Malacca around 1400 CE. Now, some sources indicate that a new kingdom could return to the area… a Magic Kingdom, even.

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Indeed, according to Executive Council Member Datuk Muhammad Jailani, the Malaysian state has plans with the Walt Disney Company to build a theme park similar to Disneyland in Jasin, Melaka… “probably.” Of course, Jailani claims he cannot disclose the future location of the planned “Disney City” just yet.

As reported by Malaysian news station TV3, the newest Disney Park would comprise “80.9 hectares,” or roughly about 200 acres with a budget of $440,044,000.00 USD. For comparison, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, at 405 acres, holds the spot as the single largest theme park in the world.

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Moreover, officials at the announcement shared plans for the development of a 14-mile-long Maglev system that would provide public transport to tourist spots such as the alleged “Disneyland Melaka.” However, the magnetic levitation train would add an additional $200 million cost to the Disney Park project, and it’s unclear if the Melaka government would foot the bill, or require funds from the Walt Disney Company.

Perhaps, an agreement similar to that of Tokyo Disneyland‘s between Walt Disney Imagineering and the Oriental Land Company could be reached for EXCO. That is, if Disney is actually on board with the proposal.

While representatives for local operationsĀ attended the release, notably, no spokesperson for Disney attended. The lack of Disney’s presence imposes a possible lack of credibility upon the statements. You will see this in a video from the press conference linked below:

Plus, documents from the city of Melaka seem uncertain of the actual concept themselves– They refer to the future Disney Park as both “Disneyland” and “Disney City,” an unusual practice for the Disney Company, which is very particular about their marketing and project consistency.

Malaysia’s Disney City would be the Company’s first Disney Park in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, though East Asia already has three Disneyland Parks: in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Shanghai, plus the additional Tokyo Disneysea. So far, WDI has released no concept images for the Park and Disney has not confirmed the project.

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