First Look at Mural of Alberta Falls at the Jungle Cruise

Credit: Disney Tips

Thanks to Disney Parks Blog, we were given a first look at the new mural of the falls at the Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom. To quote them,” First look at the new mural of Alberta Falls at the Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort. With the addition of this mural, attraction enhancements are now complete! Disney Imagineers created new characters, scenes and an expanded story, establishing Alberta as the proprietor of Jungle Navigation Company Ltd.”


Jungle Cruise is a classic ride that is a must do for the whole family. The jokes and puns are iconic. Have you seen the backside of water? Jungle Cruise first opened on October 1st, 1971. It was one of the opening day attractions at Magic Kingdom. It was first featured at Disneyland in California, and its opening day was July 17th, 1955. If you would like to know more about the history of the Disneyland version of the ride Watch Behind the Attraction on Disney+.



There have been many changes to Jungle Cruise over the years, including storyline and removal of some material. The ride is based on the Amazon River and Nile River and takes you on an adventure Cruise. You’ll see all sorts of animals and some that may even be attacking villages. Make sure to duck because elephants like to spray the boat. If you are at Walt Disney World around Christmas time, you will want to make sure to ride. Jungle Cruise gets a unique Christmas makeover and turns into Jingle Cruise. There are special holiday themed jokes and decorations all over the attraction. Jingle Cruise is very popular, so make sure that you get in line early or be prepared to wait. You get a different experience whether you do it while the sun is up or after dark so keep that in mind.



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