Genie+ Prices Drop Again

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This week marks the beginning of Walt Disney World’s new Genie Plus pricing model.

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New Pricing

Last week, Disney introduced a new pricing structure that went into effect on June 27, 2023. The new set up allows Guests to purchase Disney Genie+ at a different rate depending on the theme Park you visit that day. For the first time since implementing the paid service, Guests had options.

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The new structure was originally announced as:

Magic Kingdom: $27/person per day

Hollywood Studios: $24/person per day

EPCOT: $18/person per day

Animal Kingdom: $16/person per day

With that pricing set-up however, Disney did (as it always does) include a line stating that prices may change by date and park. This of course, was to be expected given the completely new structure. However, something has caused Walt Disney World to further reduce the prices for the park-specific services.

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Prices Drop Again


Credit: Disney

Starting today (June 28), both the Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios have seen a drop in their Genie+ prices.

Instead of the Magic Kingdom costing $27 a person per day, it was selling for $25 a person per day. Regarding, Hollywood Studios, that Disney Park is now selling the Genie+ service for $22 a person per day instead of $24 a person per day.

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The price adjustments appear to be the latest in Disney Parks trying to balance Guest experiences with their bottom line. Although these Disney Genie plus adjustments are minor on a microlevel, they can add up to huge savings when traveling with a large group of people who want to use a lightning lane.


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So far, there have been no changes to the Genie+ pricing at EPCOT and Animal Kingdom theme parks. But it’s possible those prices could adjust as well in the coming days and weeks ahead.

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