Halloween Horror Nights All Year-Round? Details on Universal’s Upcoming Theme Park Unveiled

This week has been huge for theme park buffs.

Whether you prefer Walt Disney World or Universal Studios, both companies made massive announcements earlier this week. Walt Disney World announced changes coming to existing Disney Parks, but Universal Parks and Resorts announced two new projects entirely.

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One project is coming to Frisco, Texas, and the proposed theme park will cater to “families with young children.” Few details have been revealed, but so far, we know that the Resort has been described by Universal as a “1-2 day destination” and “will be designed to be more intimate and engaging for younger audiences.” The other proposed theme park is anything but ‘engaging for younger audiences.’

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This one will be in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is described as a “year-round horror experience.” Fans of Universal’s seasonal Halloween Horror Nights events will love this project, as it seems like a full-time version.

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According to Universal Parks and Resorts, this proposed theme park will feature “unique, immersive, fantastic horror-centric experiences.” Not only that, but it seems that restaurants and food carts will be transformed into “haunting bars and eateries by night.”

The concept art shows an eerie entrance decorated to look dilapidated, frightening, and menacing. It seems like this proposed project will also include characters walking around the Park with the sole intention of scaring Guests and making them feel uneasy, similar to Halloween Horror Nights.

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As for the kinds of characters included? According to Universal Parks and Resorts, the proposed theme park “will bring to life Universal’s vast library of classic horror films and today’s most terrifying tales.” Whether you’re a fan of classic Universal movie monsters or modern frights, this theme park will have something for everyone.

Guests beware! You’re in for a delightful scare with this upcoming theme park.

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