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Hands-On Activities for Kids at Walt Disney World

While passive entertainment is nice, and there is certainly nothing wrong with a classic Disney performance or ride, there is also something to be said for more interactive entertainment. Sometimes it’s more fun to be a part of the magic happening rather than just a spectator. This is especially true for children who tend to get antsy just sitting and watching things happen all day. Disney is well aware of this, which is why you’ll find some seriously awesome hands-on and interactive attractions in their parks. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below.


Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom truly is magical. The rides, characters, awesome parades, and shows all come together to create a park experience that is truly unforgettable. That said, some of the most magical parts of all are things most people never even notice. Don’t miss these hands-on options:

  • Enchanted Tales with Belle: Watching princesses perform and pass by on floats is great. However, there’s something extra special about turning the tables and performing for a favorite princess yourself. This is exactly what visitors get to do when they visit “Enchanted Tales with Belle”.
  • Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom: Ever wanted to be a Disney hero? “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” is an amazing, interactive game that uses trading cards, videos, and a little bit of Disney magic to send guests of all ages on important missions to help save the Magic Kingdom.
  • A Pirate’s Adventure: Similar to the “Sorcerers” game above, “A Pirate’s Adventure” involves a treasure map, magical checkpoints, and an incredible adventure. Young buccaneers will be thrilled to explore Adventureland as they work toward their goal.



By far the most hands-on park of all, Epcot is the place to go for interactive learning at it’s finest. Here you can see into the future, play with your imagination, design a vehicle, or even go to astronaut training.

  • Project Tomorrow: Ever wonder what the world might look like in 50 years? What about 100 or more? Project Tomorrow gives you a glimpse into the future with fun and innovative games that are sure to draw you in.
  • The “What If” Labs: Imagination is one of the very best tools we have at our disposal. Play with your imagination a little bit in the “What If” labs, where you can compose music, create a dragon, and more.
  • Test Track: Design a car and then test it out on Test Track. After the ride, be sure to make time to race your car, create a commercial for it, and check out its stats. You can even make more cars if the one design wasn’t quite enough for you.
  • Mission: Space Advanced Training Lab: Kids who long to head into space will adore the Mission: Space Advanced Training Lab. There are numerous hands-on computer activities here, and each one gives you a little taste of what it might be like to be an astronaut.
  • Agent P Adventure: A super fun scavenger hunt that is perfect for keeping kids busy during your time in the World Showcase, Agent P’s Adventure sends you on a series of missions throughout the park. Using your smartphone, you will follow clues and help save the world.
  • Kidcot Fun Stops: Don’t want to pull out the smartphone? No worries! Kids also love Kidcot Fun Stops. One of these booths is located in each pavilion of the World Showcase, and each one gives kids a chance to learn a bit about a different culture from a Cast Member from the country represented. Additionally, kids can color and add stamps to their special Kidcot souvenir.

Hollywood Studios

The place to be if you love Star Wars, Toy Story, and fun in general, Hollywood Studios is a fabulous park. Check out this awesome option for interactive fun at this park:

  • Jedi Training Academy: Young Star Wars fans will adore the opportunity to become Jedi in this amazing hands-on adventure. Learn how to use a lightsaber and the Force in order to defeat the Dark Side and then put your skills to the test.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is a seriously educational park. Therefore, it likely comes as no surprise that this park has some awesome hands-on learning opportunities. Try these on for size:

  • The Boneyard: The Boneyard is an absolutely amazing play area for kids located in DinoLand U.S.A. One side of the area is a playground and is pretty cool on its own. However, the coolest part lies on the other side of the bridge. Here, kids can help excavate the “fossilized bones” of a giant wooly mammoth.
  • Wilderness Explorers: If you’ve ever seen Pixar’s Up, you’ll likely remember Kevin, the Wilderness Explorer. In Animal Kingdom you can become a part of this Wilderness Explorers scout troop yourself, and do plenty of exploring and learning while you’re at it. This program offers a huge number of booths throughout the park. Each booth features a hands-on educational activity. Finish the activity and you’ll earn a sticker “badge” for your free Wilderness Explorers handbook. This is tons of fun for the kids and they might just learn something new!

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