Hatbox Ghost Is Finally Coming to Disney World

The Hatbox Ghost
Credit: Disney

Disney World is adding a new character to Magic Kingdom. Just in time for Disney’s Haunted Mansion release, exciting news stirred with a spooky surprise. The long-anticipated ghost is making a return to the beloved attraction in Magic Kingdom, Haunted Mansion.

The Hatbox Ghost’s creepy face will begin to appear later this year. This frightful character has a backstory that makes his soon-to-be residence even that much more special. Disneyland just recently released a Hatbox Ghost Sipper, and now Disney is receiving an even bigger surprise, The Hatbox Ghost himself.

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The Hatbox Ghost

Upon entering the eerie estate, Guests will be greeted by an iconic character, The Hatbox Ghost. Planned to set up residence in the Haunted Mansion of Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom Park, The Hatbox Ghost will appear as Guests pass the Endless Hallway. He can be seen “welcoming himself inside from the swinging wake in the cemetery and grinning at the Doom Buggies as they set off deeper into the mansion,” Disney Parks Blog writes.

The Hatbox Ghost

Credit: Disney

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Who Is The Hatbox Ghost?

According to USA Today, The Hatbox Ghost has quite a history that Disney fans may not be aware of. “The Hatbox Ghost was the brainchild of late Disney Imagineer and Disney Legend Yale Gracey, whom Walt Disney handpicked to design Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion with fellow Imagineer and Disney legend Rolly Crump,” USA Today writes. The story goes that the ghost was planned to be a part of the opening day attraction, but the installation ran into some difficulties.

Due to different lighting conditions, the ghost was scrapped from the attraction, although the intent was pure in design. Imagineer Daniel Joseph resurrected the ghost years later, idolizing the work of Yale Gracey. “He took great care to stay true to Gracey’s design while incorporating new technology,” USA Today reported. I think it’s safe to say fans and Guests alike are excited and thankful for Joseph’s work to be able to see The Hatbox Ghost at Magic Kingdom.

Haunted Mansion Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney World

Although Disney did not give a specific date, Disney Parks Blog detailed, “Guests will soon see temporary barriers materialize as we await his apparition.” Keep your eyes peeled for The Hatbox Ghost as he returns home to Haunted Mansion.

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