Heartwarming Video! See This Woman’s Family Surprise Her on Her 70th Birthday!

There have been so many videos recently online of angry Disney Guests. Some have to do with wearing a mask, or others have to do with just a fight breaking out. If you’re ready to see a video that will make you smile, keep reading.

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For many, Walt Disney World is the perfect place to spend your birthday. This particular Disney Guest wanted to celebrate her 70th birthday at the Magic Kingdom.

Credit: kshaff20

She was posing for a photo in front of Cinderella Castle on Main Street, U.S.A. when her entire family unexpectedly jumped into the photo. They are all wearing matching clothing to celebrate her special day.

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As you can see in the video, her family shouts happy birthday, and the woman is overwhelmed with joy and excitement. It is also great to see other Guests around seeing this special moment occur. What better way to be at Walt Disney World then surprised by the people that matter most to you.

Credit: kshaff20

This is especially heartwarming since the past two years have been unpredictable due to COVID-19, and many families have had to be separated for quite some time. It is great that this family could be brought together in a heartwarming moment like this.

Credit: kshaff20

This video has been shared all over social media, and it is bringing a smile to the faces of people that don’t even know them. It is great to see such a touching moment happen, and I’m sure they are glad that it is on video.


This is clearly a very close and wonderful family, and the fact that it was all able to come together as it did is incredible. We need more beautiful videos and stories like this to happen.


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Here is the Original video y’all have been asking for!!

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