Disney Ride Stopped When Woman Won’t Put on a Face Covering: See Her Argument with Other Guests

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Credit: Tricia Kennedy

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, normal day to day life has changed so much. Anytime you have any cold like symptoms, you go into a bit of panic, hoping it is not The Rona.


We have been sanitizing surfaces even more and washing our hands every chance we get. Wearing masks in large groups has also become a new normal.


The Disney Parks have gone back and forth on their mask policies depending on what COVID-19 numbers are at that time. Disneyland in California took over a year to reopen, but they did have a mask policy in place when they finally did. Currently, face coverings are required indoors at the Parks and Resorts.

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There was a recent altercation on Mr. Toad’s Wild RideThis classic attraction is a must do for many, but the ride recently came to a halt for some Guests. The rules are clear since face coverings are required indoors, and this attraction is indoors.

Unfortunately, there was a recent Disney Guest who thought the rules didn’t apply to her for some reason. There was a video of a woman who refused to wear a face covering and got into an argument with other Guests riding. The ride was stopped because of this.


 See the full video here. Warning the video does have explicit language.


The video does not show what happened after this altercation. We do not know if she was removed from the Park or given a warning. We also don’t know if she decided to follow the rules for the rest of the day and wear a face covering indoors.

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Credit: Tricia Kennedy

Disneyland Resort is private property, and they are allowed to put rules in place. Please follow all the safety guidelines and don’t be like this woman. She is just causing a problem for everyone and making the day of a Cast Member’s life harder. Remember, Cast Members do not make the rules, so do not take out your anger or aggression on them.

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